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Need help guys HPS or CFL

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by ross470, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. Hi guys Ive got my first small grow over me, so im looking to go bigger 2 or 3 plants with a grow tent maybe a secret jardin. But the real problem is whether to go hps or cfl. The reason why im questioning hps is the ventilation, I cant drill holes in walls or ceilings so id have to vent into the room and leave the window open but would that be enough fresh air or would I be better to go cfl. Note temperature in the room last night with window open 16-18c. Would the tent get to hot with a 250watt hps? Thanks for your help guys.

    250watt hps
    4 inch extract fan with carbon filter
    2x computer fans (intake)
  2. Hey man i would go with the 250 hps you will be ok with temps an venting into the room ye tent is in.. I would be more concerned with the computer fans for intake they won't be good enough.. What size jardin tent are you thinking of getting?
  3. Maybe a 60 x 60 160cm would that be big enough for 2 or 3 plants? Would I get away with a normal hps reflector?
  4. ^^^^thats not a bad deal the main thing is the bulb and ballast, gotta be decent
  5. You could fit 3 in that tent at a squeeze if your pots arnt to big.. I use a 90 by 90 by 180 jardin with a 400w an i only grow autos in 5 gal pots so i fit 4 in. I only have a standard type hood/reflector an it works fine.. If you can get another 4" fan for the intake you could use them computer fans for internal circulation.. Not sure what your budget is but if you can manage it you can also get a twin speed fan controller fairly cheap. It will tune your fans in to work together in keeping your desired temp.. Hope this helps
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    Just answered another Ebay question. Just pay the extra $ for your equipment, EBAY is the devil. You will be dissapointed in the quality of your equipment I promise.

    HPS over cfl anyday. CFL will work but it will A. Take an extra 3-4 weeks if you really want dense nugs and B. You will be dissapointed in the harvest weight I know I was. I now run a 1000 watt in an open room and my temps stay around 75 to 85f (sorry i don't know the conversion for Celsius.) with no window open. So I'm sure your 250 will be no problem.


    So in summary, HPS will get you where your going quicker and with better results, and I believe a 250 watt will be A-Okay in your space . Just keep the intake passive and let the 4" exhaust do its job.
  7. Keep in mind, if heat is an issue, and your setup allows, you can always run remote ballasts that will at least keep some of the heat out of the grow area.
  8. Thanks very much for the input guys it means so much!! :) Think ill stay away from them ebay kits and do it right!

    £80 - Secret Jardin 60 x 60 160cm (2 or 3 plants)
    £130 -4" Ruck fan & Rhino Pro filter with ducting

    Just left with the Lighting think id be better getting a 250w MH+HPS lighting kit for 2 or 3 plants anyone thats enough lighting right? Anyone know any good makes or were to get one. thanks again guys
  10. Congrats on the fans an filter purchase.. The ballast and 250 light seems ok but am sure you can get better for your money. Same site as before has a good selection for same price or under mate

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