Need help growing with NO MONEY!

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by myskinsmysin, May 13, 2010.

  1. Hey peeps, Like my thread topic says, I need help growing on a zero dollar budget. I have never grown anything before and I assume that this will be a complicated process if I am to get the most potiental out of my plant. So far, I am germinating my seeds. I am using the wet paper towel method.

    I need info on how to grow using just your everyday house hold items. Luckily i live on a plant nursery and have access to pots, ferts, and other planting needs. My ferts are osmacote, and other 10-10-10's etc... and I have lime.

    I also need to know the proper curing and harvesting techniques.

    I have read the other post and just cant find out exactly what I need to know.

    If someone will please post a step by step guide that I can use as a bible I would GREATLY appreciate it. This does need to be a bible on how to grow with no money :)

    I am growing some bag seeds.

    Thank you in advance to anyone who helps me with my journey.
  2. Grow outdoors and harvest the energy of the sun = 0 dollars
  3. Yeah that is what i was thinking, but wont rabbits and such nibble on the goods?
  4. There are all kinds of risks when growing outdoors. You have to do what you can to minimize them.
  5. lucky for you, growing takes a long time. (4+ months) starting reading here.

    read others post, apply it to your grow.

    look at grow journals, see what others are doing, and how they are doing it. the apply it.

    read read read :) GC is amazing and will give you any answer your looking for. :)

    If you live on a nursery im sure someone in your family know a little about growing. ask them about it. "Hey i was reading about vegitive and flowering states in flowers, can you tell me more about it. "

    Evil. :smoke:
  6. There is also an outdoor grow section on this forum you can check out.
  7. Alright....So let me ask you this... I have mixed my own soil. It is one part MG, one part Pete Moss, 1 part some regular potting soil, good dark dirt and a alittle sand. Will this be adequate?

    We grow alot of flowers here... Roses and every other plant you can think of. Fruit trees, berries, shrubs, what should I keep me eyes out for as far as nutes and ferts? And whats the diff?
  8. Tomato ferts would work. When it starts flowering you will need to lower the nitrogen and increase phosphates. If you're going to plant in a pot I would recommend adding perlite to your mix.
  9. i would go outdoors. im doing indoors and i find myself having to buy more and more shit as time goes on. i've done outdoors in the past, and it's so much cheaper.

    from my experience, the hardest part was getting them started and strong enough to put outdoors. at the time i lived with my parents so starting inside was impossible for me. so i just got clones and put them outside, that way your guaranteed females. bag seeds are also not great for starting but hey if it's all you got, may as well. i would try and get bag seeds from the best quality weed you had with seeds. you want the best strand possible to work with if thats all you got. the reason bag seeds are not great is cause you dont know what strand it is, and commercial weed isnt as potent. if you can, start indoors. put outside after a few leaf sets develop. make sure you use good soil. dont buy some cheap off brand. they say fox farm is the best, but it's pricey. i would go with schultz potting soil or miracle grow cause it's affordable and decent quality. personally i liked schultz better, it's what i used outdoors, but either should be fine. i would also use some kind of fence to guard against rabbits, deer, and other animals. it doesnt have to be very strong. i used this green colored wire fence. it wasnt very strong but deer couldnt get passed it. another huge problem i had was slugs. those fuckers love leaves. seems impossible to get rid of them. you can put them in pots and put rings of sand around them, but those little cocksuckers will make every effort they can to get food. i had to change my plants location because the spot was so infested with them. every once in a while, give them something high in nitrogen. they will grow faster. when they start flowering, stop giving them nitrogen nutes and switch them to something high in phosphorus. this will make your buds bigger. 2 weeks before harvest, no nutes at all, only water. dont worry about harvest and curing yet. but when you do it, you wont have trouble. drying is easy and has many methods. trim off as much of the bigger leaf as possible. hang it in a dark dry room that has ventilation. ventilation is probably the most important thing to pay attention to. if its in stale air too long it may start to mold. some people like the paper bag or box method. just stick it in and open a few times a day to get new air in. really, you can just grab a fresh bud, let it sit where ever(not direct sunlight). after a day or 2 it should be dry enough to smoke. you dont have to cure but if you do it can make it taste better. when its almost all the way dry but still has some slight moisture, fill an airtight jar about 90% full. everyday open it to get new air in so it dont mold. what this does it the bacteria inside will eat away at chemicals in your weed that make it harsh. so after about a month(really the time is up to you but i hear a month is best) you should have some nice smooth great tasting smoke.

    just take this all one step at a time. if someone tells you something, make sure you research it and get second opinions before doing it. lot of ppl think they know how to grow, and it maybe that they do, but i find most ppl dont really know what they are talking about. in fact almost all smokers think they know everything about growing but they dont realize you actually have to go and do it, make mistakes, learn, and see results for yourself.

    so first off, have you successfully germinated your seeds? if not we will help you get thru that step. next would be starting them. if you can get starter plugs they work great. put under a light to get started. any good fluorescent should work just for starting them. i lack some experience in this part. as i said before, when i did outdoors, i just did clones. indoors i just put in starter plugs under my MH light but really thats overkill for starting. i would search the forum for what kind of lights other ppl use for starting. then we will get to the step about transplanting outdoors. dont worry if you make mistakes along the way. you will only learn and over time you will learn a LOT. next year at this time you will be like holy shit i know quite a bit now. good luck!

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