NEED HELP growing bud in my room

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by corn420, May 24, 2009.

  1. well this is my first time posting to this forum i just starting growing in my room (dont laugh)it is growing im my bonzie tree and i let it sit my window and it dose not get direct sunlight but it still keeps on growing its got like 4 leaves on it its small but its going and i dont know if if it is going to get bud on it later should i do something differnt to it?(right now i water it everyday and keep it in healthy i think) help me
    please respond to this
  2. Ill tell you the truth, your not gonna get all that much love for this post from the sound of your "set-up" as the people on here are GROWERS, not "lets plant a seed and hope it grows" people. but ill do my best to give you a little advice: organic soil, get 4 26 ACTUAL watt CFL bulbs(twisty shape).
  3. well thank you for that at least u respond it to this
  4. just pm me any further questions you have, ask anything and if I dont know the answer ill tell you where to find it.

  5. Keep giving her a lot love, remember if you can grow a tomato you can grow a little bit of weed.

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