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  1. Bandit, How long have you flowered them for? They look good and green and seems from the pics( i could be wrong)look immature and could flower more?? Shithead
  2. Well, I got these seeds cuz they are autpo flowering, so only took 8 weeks from seed to harvest, I say they started flowering at about week 5 then harvested at week 8. At week 7 stopped feeding nutes and last week kept in dark. think i should have left longer?
  3. seems like another couple weeks could have done her some good. kush plants generlly flower for 8-9 weeks. idk why the auto trait didnt kick in earlier
  4. What was your light cycle? sh
  5. in the begining that one had the calcium def, so i started her on cal-max, could that have been it? How are u for sure whith auto-flower that they are done? I just thought had to go by # of weeks?

  6. at last stages was 12/12
  7. Your light is kinda low wattage i would use a 600 hps light for bigger denser buds. HPS is much better for flowering. Also try putting a reflective materical around your plants to get all the light you can.
  8. well i go by the amount of time from when a plant starts flowering combined with trichome color. I harvest when 1/3 are amber and the rest milky. and autos shouldnt go under 12/12?
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    bandit, I don't know much if any about autoflowering but your light cycle of 18/6 and when flowering starts you switch to 12/12 is the same as regular growing.:confused: Couldn't you keep them on 18/6 instead of 12/12 because they'll flower anyway?? When you plant from seed non autoflowerers you get less yield because of that so seems these autos don't get enough veg time. Really not sure. Hope this helps Sh
  10. Im thinking of getting another new nute, Cha CHing (Fox Farm), think that will help, or just sticking to nutes i have and putting more light
  11. Im not sure about the light cycle on autoflowering, just everyone seems to use those times, and i only get auto thinking they will be done faster, maybe should try a photoperiod seed to see if any different, but pics online of auto look good, just not mine
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    im thinking the light cycle was the issue. I'd use at least 20 hrs a day throughout the life cycle. once preflowers form then switch from the veg schedule to the flowering one that you can find for the nutrient lineup you are using.

    If I were you, I'd get your plants tuned in with just the basic 3 part feed and maybe the calcium product as flowering plnts often need a little boost.

    check the link.
  13. If I were you, I'd get your plants tuned in with just the basic 3 part feed and maybe the calcium product as flowering plnts often need a little boost.[/QUOTE]

    What is the 3 part feed?
  14. Grow Big (Fox Farm)
    Tiger Bloom (Fox Farm)
    Big Bloom (Fox Farm)

    and then this but not so often, maybe just a few times throughout flowering
  15. so what about the beastie bloom? according to chart to use on 6-7th week and auto should be done by 8-9 week, what better 20hr light or getting a higher wattage bulb?
  16. iv always found that the addons work great when used just right but if the plant is a light feeder it can result in more harm then good. You can certainly use it but I'd rather get my grow under control using the basics first, just my opinion.

    and yeah, 18 or 20 hr cycle clear through the whole grow.
  17. K i will try it using the basics and 18 light. that is what i had been doing but had prob with the root rot before, fixed that prob and am starting fresh with this grow, just disapointed in my yield, hopefully this ones better. thanks for the help, check back in tomorrow, :wave:
  18. thanks to everyone
  19. Bandit, create a grow journal for your next one. Im interested in sitting in on it and seeing how things go...

    Good luck bro

  20. Autoflowering strains require specific treatment in order to give their best. As Shanti rightly points out, they need at least 20 hours of light a day to produce a good yield, I have tried growing them with a 'normal' 12/12 regime and you get tiny plants with minimal yield.

    Also, you need to grow them in large pots as the moment the tap root touches the bottom of the pot they won't get any bigger. You have to start them in big pots, no transplanting with autos. I found this out the hard way with the original lowrider, planted them in 1 litre pots planning to transplant them into 7 litre pots after sexing and the result of using the small pots was 3 inch tall plants, complete waste of time.

    A typical indoor method for an auto grow using a 600w lamp over a square metre of space would be 9 or 16 plants in 11 litre square pots, that way you should be able to get an ounce per plant, I've seen that achieved using a 24/0 regime.

    Modern auto hybrids have largely fixed the low potency issues Lowryder had so the end product can be pretty good but I still don't see any need for autos indoors when I can get a better end product and yield using regular seeds grown on a 12/12 regime with no veg. For outdoor growers in northerly latitudes I completely see the point of autos, but indoors, I just don't see the point.

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