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Need help getting through to parents!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by htaran, Aug 10, 2012.

  1. Here's the details before I continue to whats going on. I'm 19 living with my parents while I go to college to save money. I smoke regularly almost every day. My parents think I smoke because I'm addicted but I smoke because I have anxiety and have trouble being creative and weed helps plus I tend to have anti-social tendencies (not good if you are in college). They think that my problems can be solved with with anti-depressants and adderal, I have ADD as well.

    So here's the story I had an oral drug test coming up for a job and they caught me smoking about 5 days before drug test. They now are trying to force me into signing a legal contract saying that I won't do drugs while living in their home and they go on and on about how marijuana ruined my Uncles life. My uncle was an alcoholic and crack head by the time he was 12 and for some reason they think all of his problems were caused by weed. Well anyways they are trying to get me to sign this contract and if I don't they are threatening to take away my insurance, kick me out and possibly take away my funding for college. I have been fighting back I have been showing them clips from the Union along with government funded science journals about how weed is the best thing since canned beans. They just respond with how my brain is being controlled by addiction and they proceed to show me videos of Dr. Drew about how bad weed. Dr. Drew as you all probably know is payed quite handsomely by Big Pharm to prescribe anti-depressants often to people he sends to rehab for marijuana addiction. When I mention this to them they give me the same fucking retarded response about how my brain is being rotted and controlled by weed.

    Is their any way to still smoke and convince them that it is ok. This is my last resort I feel that I have tried everything. I offered to get family counseling but I found in my parents history them looking for counselors that are anti-marijuana so I know I am not going to get a fair hearing from the counselor. So is their anyway I can salvage my relationship with my parents without bowing down to their demands or is my only option to leave and never look back if I still want to smoke.
  2. What's your job?
  3. I just got a job at Safeway I passed the oral drug test.
  4. Which Safeway in Portland?
  5. no its on the east side. Id rather not say which one specifically it would be pretty easy to track me down with some of the info I've posted haha
  6. Cedar Hills here.
  7. :hello:
    [ame=]Parents Just Don't Understand - YouTube[/ame]
  8. Same thing with my parents not wanting me smoking weed cause my uncle is in prison for drugs, stealing cars and guns and they think it all started because of my uncle smoking weed when he was younger.
  9. ^Good shit Baz. Was gonna post it myself :D
  10. Posts like these make me appreciate having chill parents - I'm sorry that they're being so ridiculous about it. I say sit them down and have them watch all of The Union with you, and explain to them as nicely and as thoroughly as you can that it's much safer than pharmaceuticals. Tell them that hundreds of thousands of people are dying from pills and nobody has ever died from smoking cannabis. From how you describe them, it will take a lot of convincing. Show them scientific studies that say it isn't addictive or harmful, and can treat ADD and depression.

    That's really all I got, but just be respectful to them. I know that unreasonable parents get angry when you prove them wrong, so I just don't want you to end up pissing them off because that would make them act worse.
  11. After reading all of what you wrote, it sounds like you should just take some time off while you live under their roof. It's their house, and their rules. I'm in the same situation during the summers, but I'm just clever enough to not get caught. :smoke: Give it some time off, til you can get your own place.
  12. I would agree, but only under one condition - they watch the entire film The Union, and have an open mind while doing so, so they don't go in and ignore all the facts. Then, if they are still wanting you not smoking, you let them know that you won't smoke while in their home, but you will smoke on your own, off their property.

    Option 2: Tell them straight up you don't like the chances of side effects for adderal, ritalin, etc. and That your using cannabis to help deal with your problem. If they say it's bullshit - Go to a doctor, explain that you don't like those drugs and they make you feel unlike your self, and tell him that you've tried marijuana and it seemed to fix your anxiety and ADD, and would like to try a MMJ card. (If your in a medical area)
  13. Some parents just can't be convinced.
    No matter how much logic and facts are thrown at them, they just won't believe you.
    It's like something was done to their brains early on in life.

  14. fixed.
  15. If you want to convince your parents that MJ is okay; you need to do some research and create a argument defending yourself. I would also try to create a counter argument for whatever you think your parents might bring up.

    If you can do that along with showing your parents a few different MJ documentaries I think you'll be in good shape.

    One thing that worked for me was comparing myself to George Washington and other revolutionaries. I told my parents that George Washington had to break the law to change the law and that if he just stood by idly we would of never became the country we are today. Of course that only works if your from the U.S. though haha.

    1.) ECS (Endo-Cannabinoid System)
    2.)Medicinal effects (Try to show them videos of patients using MJ and talking about how it helps them.)
    3.) History (MJ was only made illegal in 1970)
    4.) Historical figures who used/grew MJ
    5.) Benefits/uses of hemp
    6.) U.S. Government urging farmers to grow hemp
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    If your parents are acting like that then you are not gonna convince them not even a bit.. my parents are extremely anti-pot but they have somewhat accepted of my hobby after realizing that what ever they do im not gonna quit. but still give me shit about smoking and actually told me they'ed rather me smoke cancer sticks than weed.

    And along with all those documentaries you want to show them, take them to the phoenix tears website.
  17. I'd say respect the parents man. Smoke away from/outside the house. Sounds like useless advice, but it's your best bet if you want to keep your current setup.

  18. I like your style.
  19. ^ yeah thanks for the link but I've tried most of that I tried to get them to sit down for the Union with a promise that I would watch any documentary they wanted and within 5 minutes my parents turned it off saying it was stoner propaganda. They then proceeded to show me more Dr. Drew that I had already seen as evidence that marijuana is bad. Well here is an update though of what is going down.
    So I promised I would take a 2 week break and that is almost up though I plan on smoking this weekend but hey I think I proved to them that I'm not addicted just dependent a little. They are trying to make me sign the legal contract which now says I will not have weed in the house or around the house (this includes my car) and I was like fuck that and I didn't sign it. They are now threatening to remove the door to my room and the bathroom. I just told them go ahead. I think that they are realizing that they are completely outrageous because I run 7 miles every other day. What smoker can say they do that. I am defeating their arguments with logic, scientific research, and example. I am going to win and they are going to back down I can feel it. They have no ammunition left. I will update further with how the next couple of weeks go.

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