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need help getting my father to smoke

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Bigfootisreal, Aug 5, 2008.

  1. hey!

    I need some advice. My parents have been going through a divorce lately and my mom told me that my dad used to smoke everyday and she thought it would be a good idea if i tried to get him to smoke again cause he has some anxiety problems and has been kinda depressed lately. does anyone have any ideas as to how to get my dad to smoke again?

    thanks for the help. :smoke:
  2. i dont know your moms intentions, but let your dad do what he wants. maybe he quit for a reason.....dont introduce it to him again. itd be fucked up if he quit for all that time and became a useless pothead because his son suggested weed for a temporary problem (although i do smoke when i have problems mysef). just be there for him.....i mean if anything drop hints about it but dont push it
  3. i know. i wasn't gonna force it on him, that would be stupid. i was just thinking of like showing him some research or something and letting him decide if he wants to or not. and my mom has good intentions. she is just trying to help.
  4. Just offer it to him. It could definately help with anxiety, but I know some people (like my father) who also suffer from anxiety, and it just leads to paranoia
  5. I dont think anyone on here would be able to help out more than yourself, hell ur his son. We dont even know the guy. Good luck with everything tho.
  6. does he know you smoke?
    if so, maybe light up in front of him and he will toke if he wants

  7. no im pretty sure he doesnt know. haha
  8. so much for that idea lol
    sorry. plan b.
    wait, i dont have a plan b

  9. haha thanks anyways man
  10. let him catch you blazing lol
  11. Hell in that case smoke in front of him anyway, how much trouble could u get into...ur mom told u to do it.
  12. haha its genius.
  13. Greetings,

    If your father used to smoke and stopped of his own accord, then you should do nothing.

    I understand, you have a personal interest in wanting to toke with your father, many people do. You shouldn't be concerned with YOUR interests though, you should be looking out for your father's interests.

    If he stopped smoking out of his own accord, he doesn't want his ex-wife convincing their son to coerce him into starting again. You dig?

    People cope with change differently, let him do his thing.

    Yours Truly,

  14. i get what you're saying, but honestly i am thinking of his interests. he has really bad anxiety problems and they are even the reason my parents are splitting up and i have read studies of the strong anti-anxiety effects of smoking and believe they could help him instead of going on other anxiety medication such as benzos, which are much more dangerous. also i am not gonna force it on him just suggest it and see what he thinks.
  15. Well then it's left on your best judgment. I'm glad you took this into consideration.

    I've learned that half of "doing the right thing" is doing it for the right reasons. :)

    Hope you guys have a blast doing so!

    Yours Truly,
  16. When my parents were getting divorced 14 years ago, my dad tried to convince me the judge that my mother was unfit to be a parent and shouldn't have custody at all because she toked 20 years before during her teens.

    So, maybe if it's a difficult divorce, your mother could be trying to manipulate you for her own benefit.
  17. weed helped me with anxiety problems in my own life and helped me be more active in the community. it's the same apathy your high school health class used to shake it's finger at weed, but honestly if your persistent rumination is holding you back from being a stronger person it helps. i say just approach your dad and bring a small stash and a pipe and tell him you know he might not approve of you having this but that you thought it might help him with any anxiety he's having and just give it to him to use or toss or w/e but no more questions asked.

  18. no its not like that. its a really peaceful divorce. and my mom isn't like that.

  19. ya i think it would help him cause his anxiety stops him from doing what he really wants to with his life, and my mom says he was less anxious when he smoked. ill definitely do that. thanks man.
  20. I really think you should find out the reason as to why he stopped. maybe he stopped cux he was going to be a dad, maybe for the money, maybe cuz ur mom told him too,maybe cuz he didn't like it anymore. You have to find out why he stopped before you can make a judgement on whether or not you should approach him. Talk to your mom about it, act very serious and show her your putting some thought into it. Ask how much he smoked, why he smoked, when he stopped, why he stopped. After that you should have a good idea as to whether he'll smoke now.

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