Need help getting knocked out for Wisdom Teeth removal.

Discussion in 'General' started by Dannyscott, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. So I opted not to take the nitrus they give you to sedate you, but I'm going with the option to take their vallium the night before, and a vallium in the morning, then go there first thing and use the laughing gas.

    Problem is I will be awake for the nasty stuff. I don't want to be regardless of the state of mind. I want to be knocked out, dead. So I need help finding something I can take that will be applicable with the vallium to put me to sleep. I don't want to cause a negative effect on my body by mixing something wrong with the vallium. For example just dosin up on some Nyquil night before, and heavilly in the morning. But I need some feedback on that to see if its healthy.

    Anybody have any ideas?.. I would of posted this in the health section but quite frankly I don't think theres a lot of traffic through there.

    Please help, the appt is on 4/20 and I need help!!!...
  2. I got all 4 of my wisdom teeth pulled in bootcamp & I fell asleep during the procedure. No gas, just Novocaine. They had to wake me up a few times cuz I kept trying to close my mouth.

    Man up
  3. Bro, take the fucking nitrus.

    You have no idea how painful this shit is.
  4. Dude just go in for the "laughing gas" that shit's supposed to knock you out anyway. Actually, you should try staying awake for as long as you can because you'll have a fun trip for sure and you won't feel a thing or even care. A friend of mine got his wisdom teeth pulled last year and he told me he was tripping real good, laughing the whole time and encouraging the dentist to yank out all his teeth because it felt like a suction cup or something when the guy pulled out one hahaha. Sounds like a great time. What's really gonna suck is after they're taken out, that's the real pain right there.

  5. I second that.

    Not just the pain, but it's just akward and weird being awake for an hour or so while some one works on your mouth. If you take the nitrus, it's like bam, you feel like you were awake one second, and wake up the next and its all over with. When I actually came out of it, I thought there had been a problem of some sort and the dentist hadn't done my teeth yet. Was pleasantly suprised that it was all done and I was feeling high as a kite.

    I got all 4 of my wisdom teeth out a few years ago. I waited way too long, and my wisdom teeth were shattering/falling apart, giving me horrible headaches. One day I woke up and the right side of my face was completely swollen, eye swollen shut. I decided then to stop putting it off and make an apt for the dentist lol
  6. Seriously... that story just made my gut churn. The sight of blood and gore isn't my cup of tea. Though I have problems falling asleep, even when I take sleeping medication, and have a history of insomnia.

  7. Nitrus will cure your insomnia for the operation, that's for sure. :smoke:
  8. i can do both jobs.. wont be a precision job by any means, but ill definately knock you out and get the teeth out if youd let me.
  9. Laughing gas should be plenty man

    granted I didn't have wisdom teeth pulled, I had 4 incisors pulled out when I was eight and I was conscious and laughing at stupid questions the entire time. It works wonders. I only felt pain later that evening.

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