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Discussion in 'Concentrate Tools' started by Prime B52, May 21, 2013.

  1. Hey what's up stonersss.

    I'm looking for a vape pen that can use dry herbs and oil. I've smoked wax from a g pen and really liked it and I would now like a pen that does dry herbs and oil but, is also very reliable and durable.

    Any suggestions?


    Stay elevated peeps
  2. I have been looking for the best vape pen out there. I have spent over 500 dollars on lots of different kinds. I have had the Atmos RX, The Vapor XRT, The Sticky Pen, The Omicron, and a no name black cartomizer that did C02 oil.
    There is no great individual pen straight out of the box. Each had its own distinct advantages and short comings.  :confused_2: 
    The RX worked really well for the first month, but after the 10th or 11th time the coil stopped heating up all the way and I was only able to pull small rips. Also it has a timer on the battery so it shuts off by itself. It does oils and dry herbs but dry herbs in personal vapes are a tease....  <_<
    The XRT is awesome because it has a vertical ceramic heating element with a oil cup that allows you to take great oil hits. The downside is as it oil melts it fills the bottom of the cartridge with goop and only vapes a small amount so you have to scrape and refill your cup often. It has a lock on the battery so to prevent accidental activation. It also does dry herbs which is why I bought this model in the first place. Wouldn't recommend it though, one good pull maybe two then you have to refill...  :blink:
    The Sticky Pen. Biggest waste of 60 dollars ever.  :angry:  The only nice thing about this P.O.S. was the dab tool that came with it. I was able to use this unit 3 times before it broke. The first heating element broke after the first use, I was able to get a few pulls but then it just stopped heating up. Waste of oil #1. Used the second cartridge and it worked for about 3 days. The forth day the battery flashed empty.(2nd Cartomizer filled with oil Waste #2)When I plugged it into the wall the light showed green or charged. Tried leaving it plugged in for a day. Nothing. Called stickypen customer service. Nothing. I now use the battery to pack my vapor whip, and I tossed the rest of the chincy shit and I wouldn't recommend this to anyone, EVER.  :mad:
    The Omicron, by far the biggest hitter out of all these guys. This is by far my favorite cartridge, consistent large hits and you don't have to refill this cartridge everyday I fill mine about every 10 DAYS  :hello:   :metal:   :yay:. Best concentrate cartridge for the do it your self er. It even comes with a funnel to load your extracts. The only downside is the battery these things come with. Different settings and different ohm's can be confusing to someone who is new to vaping. That and other than a few online shops nobody carries these carts! Wish they were more readily available locally.
    The no name black c02 cartomizer. It cost 40 bucks. It performed better than the sticky pen but still broke after a few uses. (Waste of oil #3)
    Bottom line you get what you pay for. The more expensive pens WILL last longer and give you a better experience. My favorite combo is the Atmos RX battery with the omicron cartridge. It looks kinda funny, but it fits in the palm of your hand, doesn't look overly suspicious(more like an E-Cig than most pens) and hits like a BEAST!
    Anyway this is my .02 hope it helps. Big ups GC Massive  :bongin:
  3. I would look into
    I have the thc stick and its great with wax and oils. I had a problem with it 5 months or so after buying it. The customer service was great and fixed me up with a new pen.
    They have a chamber for herbs which I have not used.
  4. My personal opinion: don't waste your time on pen vapes for flowers. Get a decent vape at home for your flowers, and for on the go use a concentrate pen with refillable carts. Med clubs sell carts packed already that are overpriced and usually cut with glycerin or glycol to lower their vape temp properties. Omicron for the win. Just get a hash pen and save your flowers for when you can decently vape them. Pen vapes are not all that great for flowers. Even leading names, like the iolite, I feel, are a waste of money despite their convenience. I was in the same place you were I wanted both. After playing around I came to the conclusion hash pen and be done with it. Medicating on the run necessitates a decently strong medicine anyways.
  5. i have a gpen that i love and a pax that i love even more. if you put pax on high and put flower-wax-flower in the oven it'll work just as well as a trippy stick, gpen, cloud, whatever.

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  6. I agree with dish, give up on the idea of vaping flowers on-the-go, there's just no pen that'll do it satisfactorily.  As for waxes, go for something full-sized, like the G or the Atmos Raw/Rx (but don't ruin it with flowers).  Be careful what you put in your pen though, because carelessly putting tar-y shatter or something similarly gunky will permanently fuck up your current cartridge.

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