Need help getting a broken down stem out

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  1. i have an 18" double perc water pipe and it got knocked over and the bowl broke off along with the top of the down stem, so its pretty much flush with bong and i cant find a way to get it out. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks
  2. Hmm.

    You could unwind a clothes hanger, and try and hook it under the bottom lip, and pull it out.

    Another idea might be some needle nosed pliers, and some rubber bands. You could wrap the bands around the nose of the pliers, for grip, and then put them in there, and expand the pliers in the stem, and then yank it out.
  3. as scary as it seems, this happened to me and i had to use pliers to break the fragments of useless glass out...

    should be last resort though, i tried other things prior that had worked in other situations. canola oil, adhesive remover, warm water... lots of things
  4. thanks ill try the rubberband and plyer trick. i cant get a close hanger out because i have a "honey comb" defibrillated down stem and i cant get anything to hook through those holes
  5. i got it out with the rubberband on the pliers! thank you very much
  6. Sweet, glad it worked out for you.

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