need help germanating

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    Never mind, all situated
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  2. [​IMG]

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  3. I don't get it?
  4. It's spelled germinating, literally this is what you asked for by requesting help "germanating".
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  5. Ohhhhh I get it, but hey I do have a question. So I will be putting my seeds in solo cups tonight late because that's when I have time and then still during the night I will bring them to a spot in the woods so it will get all of tomorrow's sun, but what should I do so animals don't mess with it sence they haven't even sprouted
  6. Pile some coffee grounds the cup, piss on near by trees and setup a chicken wire cage with some sticks a few inches into the ground a a few feet around the plant.
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  7. I just made a mix of a little cinnamon a little paprika some salt some pepper and a lot of coffee, I only made enough to have a light layer around the cups will this work to keep everything away? I live pretty much in the wilderness lol
  8. Oh no. Start over. The salt will cause problems. And if its iodized salt it will reek havok on your soils microbiology.

    When I say spice, I mean serious spice that when they smell it they run away hurting. Example... Habenaro, scotch bonnet (my fav). The weakest pepper i would use would be cayenne. You're trying to hit a lvl similar to pepper spray. Doesnt have to be near as strong because of how sensitive animals senses are.

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  9. The plants are in solo cups so it won't actully touch the plants I'll put it on the ground around the solo cups,im have that pepper that is balls you have to grind? I'll go look for other stuff
  10. I'll dump some cayenne pepper in the mix, you think that will fix it?
  11. Habenaro you can find ground or crushed. Same with cayenne. Scotch bonnet you would have to buy the actual pepper and process them the way you want. Thats why I like the scotch bonnet. I make my own pepper sauce and make pepper mines I place throughout the garden. The only thing I cant seem to detour are tarpins. I have no damn clue how to make them stay away

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  12. Also am gonna put gun oil on the ground so it's hard for them to walk and I'll put duck tape around the cup so they can't crawl up it
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  14. Dont apply it directly to the plant. Place 3 vented containers of the mix in a circle about 3ft out from the plant.
    Going outdoor, you'll only be in that solo cup for a week or so. Her taproot is going to shoot way way down as she climbs up toward the sun. Once she goes in the ground, ant, gnat, worms, and mites are a equal tie for pests as furry animals. Make sure what you use to detour one doesnt attract the other

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  15. The oil will just leach into the ground. Seems like a waste. The tape trap is a good idea. Will have to be changed damn near daily outdoor thou

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  16. I am going to transplant into a big soda bottle container or a coffee container. Proably a 2 liter cut in half. Then into a 5 gal it will never be planted in the soil. But for the vented container should I just take 3 water bottles fill it with some of that mix and put holes in it and build like a wall around my stuff lol

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  17. You got it. Exactly what I do. I bury mine an inch or so just so they dont tip over.

    Are you growing photos or autos? Outdoor auto will finish well in a 5gal, but for a photo, you may wanna look into a 20gal. I know you're thinking holy shit thats big, but outdoor a photo runs damn near 6months depending when you put her out. Late September, to late October for harvest. She'll be root bound in a 5gal before the end of July

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  18. Haha it's just some bag seed.

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