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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by newbieinTexas, Sep 25, 2002.

  1. My plants are looking great, except I have some yellowing leaves in my buds. What causes this and what do I do about it? Also some of my smaller lower buds on the plants the hairs are turning brown but on the larger upper buds they are still white----do I clip off the lower ones or will in put the plant into shock? And one of my plants is only stems all the way up to the buds, as it was growing all of the leaves had turned yellow and or brown and fell it is just stems and buds. Is this unusual and what caused this so I know what to do right next year. The others have few leaves on them but nice strong stems and awsome big buds. They smell really really good and I was handling some of them bending them over to smell and some seeds actually fell off on to the ground. What can I do to save the seeds from falling off and me losing them. We are having strong winds and now it looks like another tropical storm is on the way to the coast. I am far from the coast but the winds might blow the seeds out and I want to keep them. Help----and what happened to the plant that is now just stems and about 12 awsome buds?

    Thanks in advance...Oh and how often can I fertilize, and is it a bad idea this late in the growing? When do others in Texas usually start harvesting?

    No longer a newbie at growing, been smoking 20+ years!
  2. quit fertilizing now and start flushing with clean water. When the leaves turn yellow abd fall off now, its just like the leaves onb the trees, i.e. its just that time of year. You are getting close to harvest or you are ready to harvest now. If 2/3 of the hairs have turned red/brown, snip that sucker.

    Now is the time to go to and read up on how to properly cure so you don't wind up with a bunch of moldy smoke.
  3. newbie in texas.....u can also pull out the yellow leaves.....being careful not to damage the stem.......
    water is also a good idea......

    also, the fretiliser (chemical) should be avoided....use organic gives a better smokin herb and better for the health also....

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