need help from everyone concering "transformers"

Discussion in 'General' started by Digit, Aug 30, 2003.

  1. I need the names of every "transformer" you know.

    ya kno the transformas i mean yeah? "Transformers! Robots in Disguise!"
  2. dear heavenly god...i can die a happy man now that i know all of the about a blast from the past!
  3. muuuuuuther fuuuucker!!!!!!

    ohlyhay fucuck!

    thats waaaaay more than i was expecting.

    i was expecting someone to come in and go.... "uhh, megatron.... galvatron.... ok i'm spent"

    thnx man.

    now i just gotta find the one i wanna name my pipe after. ;)

    see, there's purpose to my request.
  4. Uh Optimus Prime, damn I can't remember any more.
  5. oh shit 'd never be able to narrow them down to one pipe name...youre fucked digit..absolutely fucked
  6. Hasbro: Character Runamuck
    Cackling like a mechanical madman as he streaks down the road, Runamuck is a tumbling, twirling two-lane terror. He shows no regard for drivers sharing the highways with him. (More)

    HAHAHAHHAAHAHAH! thats great, name it after this guy right here, at least, it gets my vote!

    o wait, theres no poll....
  7. after spending aaaages reading them all i've come to that conclusion too nubbin. lol. well actually i havnt read them all.... i got bored around S and gave up.

    but here's a few i'm considering so far...

    FortressMaximus (a contender)
    Fractyl (a contender)
    Mind Wipe (a contender)
    Night Beat (a contender)
    Optimus Prime (a contender)
  8. Fortress Maximus sounds super cool :D
  9. ... damn.. and i was just getting round to convincing myself that night beat was the one.

    hmmm... i need more reasoning behind it than that hempress. sounding cool aint enough. (but yeah. i agree... it does) :D
  10. Hasbro: Character Bumblebee
    Bumblebee is the Autobots' little brother. He's small, eager and at times can be a bit of a smart-mouth. Yet for all his wisecracks, he obviously idolizes the bigger robots, especially Optimus and Prowl. (More)

    If eye was to name my pipe after a transformers, it would definitely be Bumblebee.

    becoz of the caractern his voice and the things he would say.

  11. Every time I hear it in my head it sounds like Darth Vader saying Fortress Maximus

    Look how badass he is!


  12. Fuck dats badass! DHAYMN!

    that was my exact words upon scrolling down and seeing that second pic.
  13. Hell yeah, he's the new leader since OP died...and he'll tear you a new one!
  14. Fortress Maximus is the new autobot city right?

    Who still has their transformers!
  15. nooooo no spil... damn I did'nt know that..... (we only got like First and second seasons back here in francE..)
  16. when i was a kiddie, i watched the tranformers toons with as much devotion as a religious nutcase reads their bible :D

    unfortunately, all my dough (what i could squeeze out of my parents that is) went towards computer stuff, so no transformer toys for me...


    on the bright side, at age thirteen i had made my first 500+ lines basic program on the spectrum 48k. a cute little game where you had a gun in the lower right corner, and three guns stacked up the left side of the screen. these guns shot of (in random) bullets at various speed. the lower right gun, was yours to shoot with, and the objective was to hit the bullets that streaked left to right from the other guns.

    it did have a few bugs as i recall, for example, if you tried to shoot off a new bullet before the last one had exited the screen or hit one of the targets, that bullet would vanish, and a new one started it's trajectory.

    oh this was a transformers thread... oops. my mind wandered off :)
  17. which one was a yellow vw beetle..........?.........i had optimus prime.......skylark or something like that and also a yellow bweetle that i just got a flashback of............feels weird getting a flashback.........Peace out.............Sid
  18. it BUMBLEBEE he rocks he's da best.
  19. haha....pick "ASTROTRAIN" !!

    What better name for a device that gets you higher than a muthafuckah...


    Unicron and Trypticon
  20. Hasbro: Character Trypticon
    Trypticon doesn't stop blasting away until he's wading hip-deep in smoke. He's the most efficient, lethal toking machine yet devised by the Decepticons. He is completely without mercy or remorse. (More)

    sounds good to me.... i think trypticon just took poll place.

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