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Need help from chronic smokers

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by rwonton, Jun 4, 2009.

  1. Heres the deal,
    I had been a chronic smoker for the past 7 years (~ 3-4 times a day/everyday). I have recently quit and have not smoked for exactly 3 months. In 2 days I have a drug test (piss) coming up and was wondering do I need to worry? I was thinking about buying those drinks but also heard about people failing because of the drink. btw I am 27 years old, 6' tall, 145 lbs. Thanks!
  2. You've been clean for roughly 2 months, I think. If not, it's definitely all gone by now.
  3. dude you're golden man. don't waste your money on any drinks. your system is def cleaned out by now. If they were doing a hair test that would be a diff story.
  4. Yeah even if you smoke everyday I think it still only stays in your for roughly 30 days after you stop. So you have probably been fine for a few months. You will probably get blazed after not toking for 3 months whenever you go back to it haha
  5. Thanks guys, that calmed me down a great deal

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