Need help from admins, posted information while intoxicated that could lead to prison

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  1. My last post in real life stories needs to be deleted off the face of the earth. The title still shows and that is NOT good. I'm on trial for my life and my lawyer said I shouldn't be talking about ANY of this.

    Also, when this is found can you please delete this post off the face of the earth as well. No title or anything.

    I REAALLY appreciate the help. Thank you GC admins for understanding!
  2. seems to be gone. good luck with the trial
  3. Good luck with your trial man, keep us updated (or not) if possible lol. Nice to have you in our community.
  4. As you already found out, you can delete your own threads if they are less than a week old.

    Bad news is that even deleting your thread won't remove it from the "face of the earth", as Google will still have a cached version of it that anyone can see. And unfortunately I don't have mod powers on Google. ;)
  5. The thread title only appears to you if that helps. We can't see it

  6. Oh, yeah, missed that part. Other people can't see the title once it's deleted, only you and the mod team can.

    ...unless they look on Google, I mean. :hide:
  7. Lol, i just googled your username + grasscity, and your thread is the first result. Honestly, you probably shouldn't smoke anymore man.
  8. "Then he asked me what I was in there for," that's all I could find..
  9. Good luck man.

    I also googles your name+grasscity and got the thread title. Kind of curious as to the rest of the story lol.

    But I hope everything goes well for you.
  10. Uh yeah, I did it too. Seriously though, I doubt that anything bad will happen from your posting. Hope it all works out for you.
  11. Yeah, there is no such thing as deleting a statement when it comes to the internet. Everything is cached, so you're out of luck. Lesson learned for the next life I guess.
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    Too far bro.

  13. What? If he gets arrested for something serious a second time and starts talking about it on the internet, well it kind of seems like he deserves it. I was simply saying that he can take this lesson and use it in the next life, meaning he surely won't do this twice. :confused:
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    I'm just putting myself in his perspective.

    But if it was his second arrest I don't feel like he deserves as much sympathy.
  15. Why would you get in trouble for it? You never said anything close to "I did it" in that thread...
  16. +420, good luck mate!

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