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need help from a fellow toker

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by WEEDGODDESS, Aug 9, 2008.

  1. hello everyone. i need someone's advice, or to show me what a real nice bud of white widow looks like. i know what your about to read your probably going to laugh's ok i can handle humor! ;)
    i am a seasoned toker but i got something that's not looking like lol the normal greenery that im used to like fire,jack harrare and just the reg's).

    anyhow,i got some WW by accident..but lol im kinda scared to toke it...never seen such bud lookin so hairey /white fuzzy and not like the normal greenery,it's not sticky at all,it puffy soft looking,theres no crystally looking crystals(thc)and the stem is also white n furry too!!!! to me this is like OMG WTF is THIS?
    the smell is faint or dull on the stem and i see seeds in lil pockets which have to picked out and the seeds are tiny tiny..not your normal fat plump seeds we usually see. and when burned it smells way different imo, like something of a normal plant,(lol) that mom would plant in the garden.would you say it's not good bud or is it not ready to toke? or is this a normal expectation of what white widow looks like. honestly i never ever had this strain before! so anyone out there knowlagable about this strain?
    what on earth do i have here?
    i need to see pics of the clippings and what the seeds look like.all help will be greatly appreciaTED! BIG TIME! ;)

    pict will come soon,just havent took pic yet.
  2. #2 relakit2, Aug 9, 2008
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    thats white widow
  3. Dude that looks scary.:D
  4. Yea
    Definitely some O' that good fuckn dank.

  5. wow im not seeing that,on mine i see very lil brownish stuff going on,but is it supoosed to smell alil pinie like pine
  6. smoke it bro, if u get higher then normal sweet right?
  7. I dunno man. Brown? Seeds?

    Doesn't sound like White Widow to me.
  8. send me a sample, i'll tell you if it's ok or not :)
  9. you can have seeds in dank! fyi

    who cares wtf strain you have if the bud gets you super blowed then thats all that matters. As long as you paid a fair price got some good dank then your set.
  10. #10 WEEDGODDESS, Aug 9, 2008
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    and practiccly no high when smooked...and weak as not even green it very very pale in color with lil brownish tinge to the ends. leaves are thick in my opinion..when you touch the bud it's like pillowy soft and furry!!!! like i said no crystals to the eye and no high..smells like wood and burns real quick too i may add. unfortunatly $70 wrth of crap in mho!
  11. I dunno. Sound to me like you're talking about some moldy weed. I would NOT smoke ANY MORE of it you post up some pictures of it. Seriously, I had a friend that spent 2 weeks in the hospital from smoking moldy weed. We can help you if you post good, clear (not blurry) pictures.
  12. well it doesnt look like mold or spore like at's more like hmm "lambs toung"(it's a plant..googgle it if you dont know what lambs tounge.
  13. i'd still take pictures before smoking any more of it, and post them up so we can be of more accurate help.
  14. #14 WEEDGODDESS, Aug 9, 2008
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    ok heres the pic on what i got here. i havent edited the's what it is! seed are showing as well. so people what on gods earth is this that i got for $70..IS IT GOOD OR CRAP!




    IT'S A WOODY SOMEWHAT OF after TASTE and a smell , ABSOLUTLY IT BURNS wayyy too FAST BEFORE U KNOW IT even on a slow burning paper AND NO HIGH??? and im been token since 88' i cant beleive it..omg im thinking i got some stuff that wasnt ready or something thats not weed at all im thinkin ;(

    im buggin out like, i like i wasted $. i hope you all know how this feels. this is some new crap i have never seen before or toked on..which doesnt do very upset and kinda worried;(
  15. #15 Lebowski, Aug 10, 2008
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    dont smoke that

    This is what happened to that plant:

    That is TOTAL CRAP go get your money back if you can, and dont smoke anymore!!

    Btw weedgoddess, can i add your pictures to my thread on mold and parasites?
  16. ewwwh ewwwhhhh..omg!!!!!!!:eek::mad:
  17. what happend if you some that...eewwwhhhhhhh eewwwwomggggg im frreeeakin out now!!!
  18. yeah dude. That does look like spider mite web to me thanks to that picture that guy posted. Just dont smoke any more because it could harm you in a way. That guy ripped you off hardcore. Thats why I dont like gino bags since you can't really see the bud.
  19. LOL that shit dont even look like weed why the fuck did u buy that??? sry to be so harsh but what the fuck were u thinking paying 70 bukcs for that lump of shit???

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