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  1. Hello and peace to everyone. I am looking for equipment indoor grow. Can someone send me list of best equpiment for 40 plants. Which carbon filter , grow light , incline fan and all ... I looking grow controller 69 , cool stuff making all ( filter , fan, light ) working via 1 controller, but i dont know how much light , what type of light, etc.. For me its better to be expensive but better. I dont know what is the best for 40 plants in house .. Help me guys !
  2. You're going to have to be more specific with how you want to set it up. 40 plants could be 10 lights at 4 plants a light, you could also squeeze 16 plants under each light, for a total of 2 lights plus some mother plants.

    Either way, if this is your first grow, I would start with either a 4x4 or 4x8 tent at most. You have a lot to learn, and it's better to make mistakes on smaller grows that aren't costing you hundreds a month in electricity.
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  3. For a light Id get the Mammoth 880w Mint White Series, if youre going to use LED. It will blast a 5 x 5 area, and has 2613 umol. It has the new Samsung EVO Mint White Diodes. It also has Deep Red, and Far Red Diodes. It goes up to 730nm in the Red spectrum. 3752 Diodes on 8 bars.
    It basically has the spectrum of combining Metal Halide, with HPS.

    435nm-730nm Spectrum.

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  4. Look its not legal here , so i must watched best light but elecrecity bill must be normal because dogs cant come on my door with warant
    So its better option 3-4 light and 10 plants under each..

  5. Like man, but tell me 5x5 in which metric ?
  6. 1.524 meters x 1.524 meters.
    Or 152.4 x 152.4 Centemeters.
  7. Running 2 1000w HPS lights was enough to get my power company to notice.

    With 4 lights you can do two rooms/tents on a flip flop relay. This way during flower you're using 2 lights at a time, on opposing 12 hour schedules, and can save a bit on hvac.

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