Need help for my closet grow with CFL bulbs

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  1. Hellooo Guys, yes i am of course new to this site and need help on understanding on which CFL Bulbs to use I have already bought 4[23w] /Bright white bulbs also 2 [23w] Natural daylight bulbs an than 4/ 23w Soft white bulbs. Now I already know how far to place them from the plant an everything like that i just cant figure out on which ones to use. Im really NOT sure at all when people say use this type for "flowering" or "veging" either. so my Question is which type of light bulbs should i be using right now where the current stage of my plant is at right now in my picture? what bulbs will help it and I know that the middle of my plant isnt getting enough light an i am actaully at the moment fixing it to make it be able to get light better.
    So should i use Soft White?..or Daylight???? ORRR bright white???
    I am using 6 bulbs right now for my one Plant
    AND YES i have also read Kamels CFL guide.
    HELP with trying to understand what vegging and flowering mean and on which bulbs i shouls be using for my grow.. <span style="font-size:24px;">THANK YOU SO MUCh</span>


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  2. soft white for flower , daylight for veg. you can use the soft white 12 hours on 12 hours off to flower it out.
    If it were mine I would get some more seeds started now. By the time you harvest, the next crop will be coming on.
  3. Yeah Im actually in the middle of rearranging and constructing everything an putting a small woundin square ring built so that i can get my lights an bulbs more closer in the middle of my plant. I also have no idea what strain it is either. and there is a cool story behind it too on how I acquired my PLANT.
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    Dude your plant looks fucking crazy?!
  5. You should read his guide again...
  6. Its a rescue plant BTW. :metal: It had been growing outside in the winter this whole time and was all limped over and dying an turning purple but now since its out of the cold an NOT dying it turned back to green[ the leafs] plus I had to work my way up to getting its proper light. I will show you a close up view of the very top of the plant bud an also a picture of my final grow box complete. It looks nice and all now an had that curvy bent structure but threw the whole process it got the curve[dew to it dying outside an falling over just like i FOUND it] Also two full on buds branches died, one fell off and the other i clipped,[ both were crumbling up n dying] they were just not getting enough light.I know I know though that i am producing to much heat in my grow area.[Just don't have enough fans and air coming in and out the proper way] I want to get a fan shooting the air out and another fan shooting fresh air in and I already have one inside blowing. Just 1 total fan so far but i want to get two small computer fans. Anyone know of where to get that equipment from? I WOULD VERY GLADLY APPRECIATE IT.
    What you mean man, Like i said though its a rescue plant but if you want i could tell you how an why it looks the way it does. from the fucking cold outside, It WAS purple and that just from the cold weather i Know AND it has No newts.
  8. Just the way its shaped lol. I didn't know it was growing outside in the freezing CoLd. I just saw the wild looking picture and posted. Looks insane man. Is it budding?
  9. How do you up load a picture into the reply area? ill show you i just don't want to start a new topic.
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    What guide are you talking about? a book?
  11. Yeah soft white if it's already budding, and you can crack your door and put your fan in front of it until you get your other fans.
  12. more reply options at the bottom
  13. appreciate it man

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