Need help for my closet grow with CFL bulbs

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  1. Hellooo Guys, yes i am of course new to this site and need help on understanding on which CFL Bulbs to use I have already bought 4[23w] /Bright white bulbs also 2 [23w] Natural daylight bulbs an than 4/ 23w Soft white bulbs. Now I already know how far to place them from the plant an everything like that i just cant figure out on which ones to use. Im really NOT sure at all when people say use this type for "flowering" or "veging" either. so my Question is which type of light bulbs should i be using right now where the current stage of my plant is at right now in my picture? what bulbs will help it and I know that the middle of my plant isnt getting enough light an i am actaully at the moment fixing it to make it be able to get light better.
    So should i use Soft White?..or Daylight???? ORRR bright white???
    I am using 6 bulbs right now for my one Plant
    AND YES i have also read Kamels CFL guide.
    HELP with trying to understand what vegging and flowering mean and on which bulbs i shouls be using for my grow.. <span style="font-size:24px;">THANK YOU SO MUCh</span>


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