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  1. Hi, I am first timer and very close to the harvest for the plants, because its last weeks. I used bottled water during all grow but I gave plants regular tap water 1 time (Ph always between 6-6,8), and now some of the leafs not reacting to light even stems are leaning to the ground or sideways (As you can see on photos they are bending and touching to tent) . Not all the leafs are leaning to the ground but plant looks like its sad as you can see in the photos. After tap water again started to bottled water, although it has been over a week they are not still looking well. Is this about all tap water? Or any other problem can cause this. How can i fix? Thank you all for helping.
    1ef15576-c5a6-4ca6-8b0a-d804ece76e60.jpg 77b2e53f-a9d8-44d0-b83b-60775ef274d8.jpg 7758caff-f453-4977-89bc-7fa46d914f69.jpg
  2. Prop those suckers up buds look too heavy for those stems
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  3. I tied them this way. Now thay have support.

    What defiency can be this the plant have problem with on the photo?
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