NEED help for buying my gf an xmas present

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by skywlkr, Nov 30, 2009.

  1. looking to buy my girlfriend a new peice for christmas.

    now i'm thinking either......

    a vaporizer OR....... a nice glass bong

    me, only been smoking all day everyday for over a year now, just smoke joints, blunts, or uses my steamroller. so i honestly don't know too much about making a real purchase of a vaporizer or a nice bong, and seeing as i'd have to put up some real cash i was going to see if i could get a little help from the forum.

    so my price range is basically $1-$300 dollars.

    and i'm either looking for a NICE bong, that looks like the roor style with the ice catcher on it. all clear, with the glass downstem and everything. *DOESN"T HAVE TO BE ROOR," that's just the only brand i know.

    or i just want a vaporizer that works good/efficient so i figured i'd post here because i've seen brands in high times and what not, but a lot of my friends and what not tell me that a lot of vaporizers that are under 200 dollars are garbage basically.
  2. Honestly, I would get her this: Roor Bong Little Sista 3.2mm - Rasta Logo - Online Shop I've ripped this very bong before with a friend and man is it smooth, even without added percs/diffusers. That will run you about $210 with shipping so you still have leftover money to cristen that baby up! I plan on getting this RooR for xmas too, can't wait.

    Also, from my experience, vaping takes too long to inhale it all, and milkshots are funnnn :bongin:
  3. how about a collection of Half a dozen various Coloured, fumed, inside out, and color changing Spoons, with magnifiers, crowns etc. As elaborate and pretty as you can get them.

    Girls i know Love shinys, and love collections when they're of the "best" of something. A Nice Felt box that they can all be displayed in would be nice too.
    Its pretty easy to make a case out of Foam, Spray adhesive, felt and a nice wooden box if you have a day spare.

    If your harts set on a Bong, atleast get a few different Elloborate Molino Glass Slides for it.

    Actually now that i think about it, have a look at Molino Bubblers, theve got some really "pretty" designs, theyre artsy, and arent as "macho" as wielding a 4 foot bong, very girly :cool:
  4. you might consider the iolite portable vaporizer. I don't have any experience firsthand with them but I've done my research, they are butane powered, looks like a walkie talkie, and its essentially a way everyone gets stoned in public without drawing unnecesary attention.

    I only say this because I was thinking I might eventually want to get one for my girlfriend. I worry about her driving around smoking in cars and such...

    anyways look into them perhaps Ive seen them on ebay like 180 range even though a shop here prices it at 300 bullshit. and ebay though check there if anyhting.
  5. girls love "shinys"? and wouldn't want a glass bong because it's too macho?

    i don't what kind of girl you're hanging out with, but I'm 99% sure my girlfriend would disagree with this. haha :D She would much prefer a real nice bong or vaporizer as compared to six small bowls, as would any knowledgeable smoker. Why would anyone really want six bowls when they don't even have one nice bong

    i think you should get a nice GonG piece and save some change to get her an ashcatcher to go with it. If you ever do get a vaporizer in the future you could even hook it up to the bong.
  6. Yeah, I think the combination of stuff would be cool. Some neat bubblers and spoons and such. Maybe a mini-steam roller. You could get five NICE pieces for $200, and then get her a quarter to christen them with.
  7. Get a da buddha vaporizer are only like $150 and are wicked nice

  8. The argument that there are no good inexpensive vaporizers is just based off of ignorance. There are many high-quality vaporizers in this category, such as the Da Buddha vaporizer.
    This is an excellent 'first' vaporizer since it is very versatile and can give off huge hits when needed. Also, you can load the bowl with smaller loads for more efficiency. The vaporizer can vaporize many substances, salvia for example, because its temperature range is quite large. In addition, you can easily hook the whip up to a bong for large, cool hits.

    If you are looking for portability, the Launch Box is a good choice.

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