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  1. Hi! I'm newbie in this cool forum. :))
    I have small problem with my little plants. I have 2 White widows and 2 other strain. (I don't know what they are. Maybe clear sativa. :D )
    My plant leaves are a little bit yellow and all leaves staying down.


    (in 1st picture is ''?'' strain plant with completely yellow newest leaves and brown top of the leaves, but White widow's have just a little bit yellow and leaves ''looking'' down)
    Next is my White widow


    How You think: What in my mistake? I know what humidity is ok (50-60%), PH is ok, and temperature (25.5* - 26.8*C) is ok. I think it's from overwatering, because I don't give ANY fertilisers yet. (Yes, and White widows are 4 day's old and continue growing well)
  2. What kind of soil did you put them in?
  3. dunno...that soil dont look right
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    This soil is from (direct that) place where in this summer growed one very big and bushy Cannabis Sativa (European wild cannabis). :D :) I haven't any insect's in this soil (except couple of lob-worms, who help make soil more airy, but they aren't bad) :) Yes, and soil are airy.

    The same problem I had in last grow too, where I use just shop soil with PH 6.5-7.0
  5. yo those look like there going to turn into some tasty ass bud can you post pictures of your plant every week i want to see how it grows
  6. doesnt look like youre soil has much perlite or any at all. i didnt click the pic but i think your plant is going to have a hard time breathing. goodluck

  7. Thats what I mean. Looks "thick", like clay.
  8. they invented potting soil for a reason.. that is not going to drain well either :smoke:
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    I find reason why my White widow's leaves stay down and yellowing - overwatering. Fiew day's I didn't gave any water to my plants and today leaves start coming up! :)) First picture is from yesterday, second - from today.

    Today leaves coming up:


    I don't know - You can see diference, but I see. Today are first day when something changes. And nothing else I have not done theese day's - just don't give water. Let's see tomorrow what did this plant will say. :)
    Yes, and plant's continue growing. Today they are bigger than yesterday.

    Here are pic from 10.10.2010 :) :


    For next watering, yesterday I bought soil moisture meter. :D
  10. Yup, poor draining soil, like something high in clay, will really be prone to over-watering. You're going to have to be extra careful.
  11. Yeah it almost looks like a manure, which is going to clump very easily. Make sure you have holes in the bottom of your small pots so the water can drain. Also you should only be watering every 3-4 days, or when the soil is dry about 2 inches down.

    This is just something i do when i start my plants idk if this is your problem but next time before you put your germed seed in water the soil and let it sit for about 15-20minutes and drain so its very lightly watered for the first time.

    Hope this helped atleast a little bit

  12. nice one! keep on posting please

  13. You are suspicious... ;)

  14. lol :wave:

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