need help for a stats project

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  2. Yes
  3. 1. Yes
    2. Backgroundish
    3. I lean toward smooth jazz...
    4. Calmer tempo, yes
    5. Haven't noticed better recall, it just makes studying easier and makes me calmer through it...

    Hope this is good dude! :smoke:
  4. I usually get paid for this kind of thing

  5. yes
    usually pretty loud
    try to keep it mellow
    studying with music is proven to make you dumber on tests. you should study in the same atmosphere as you would write an exam. quiet. but i do it anyway
  6. 1. Yes

    2. Mostly background

    3. Yeah classical/jazz/funk is always better than rap/rock imo

    4. Normally slower is better

    5. It's not that it helps retention as much as it helps me keep focus on what im studying in the first place, so indirectly haha
  7. 1-yes
    2- background
    3- trance types
    4- tempo on wht sort of focus i want
    5- helps me retain stuff alot wen my mind is relaxed by listening to it

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