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  1. so i have my first grow going, so far it is about 5 inches tall about to start its 3rd leaf set.  the plant is some bag seed and is being grown outdoors. where it is at, it gets about 7 hours of direct sunlight.
    i dont want to allow my plant to get more than a foot tall before i flower, so my question is simple....
    when it gets a foot tall, can i move it to a spot where it will get less direct light? will that force it to flower earlier than it normally would?  it wont be time for it to flower naturally in the season. and im scared that its not getting enough light now to force it to flower early. 
    i want to do this because i have no privacy from neighbors and cannot hide it if it gets much bigger.

  2. It's probably not even ready to flower yet it still sounds like a baby. Really a 1 foot plant outdoors is pretty silly unless its an autoflower. Even in small pots outdoor plants can get large. And no it will flower when that time of year comes. It's not like indoors where the hours of light affect it. Outdoors plants flower when it's that time in the season, not when you want them too. The only way would be to bring it inside at a certain time and put it back out at a certain time everyday.
  3. so i cant force it by decreasing the light? what if i were to bring it in and then back outside? lol i know it sounds silly but im really not prepared for a grow, it was just spur of the moment
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    If it's only getting 7 hours of sunlight it should automatically flower as soon as it possibly can right?

    EDIT: I didn't know it flowered only when the season is right, I thought it was when the the hours of daylight dropped.
  5. If you bring it back in and out it would have to be a 12/12 schedule. Like out at 6am in at 6pm. That's the only way, it won't flower even with minimal light if it's outdoors 24/7, it'll just grow shitty.
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    It's still to small. A plant has to grow a certain amount before it can begin flowering. And 7 hours of light isn't helping it grow at all. Otherwise yeah it would flower with 7 hours of light but you are going to have some sub par production. Your best bet is in at night, out in the morning.
    Force flowering outdoors is hard unless you're bringing them in at night or covering them with a tarp to make it 12/12 light. 
  7. new option... can i move it somewhere itll be getting substantially MORE light? i can move it to a friends land and get it 10-11 hours of direct light.
    i really know nothing about plants lol ive never even grown a flower for my lawn haha but if it starts getting 12 hours of light, would it shoot up taller than it can support itself? idk if thats even something that happens, just asking
  8. Don't you want it to stay small? Giving it more light will just make it bigger. If it can get big and do its thing on your friends land then yeah do that.
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