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Need help First time growing.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Camerijuana, Feb 11, 2014.

  1. Hello people of grasscity!
    This is my first post on here but I have read these forums for a little while.
    Anyways, I purchased 2 clones from a medical dispensary and I created a grow room closet to accommodate my clones(BTW this is my first time growing). I am about 5 days into growing my awesome new plants but they seem to not grow and 1 of the clones is actually severely wilting. :( I have been pretty careful about not overwatering but from what it looks like, the clone having trouble looks severely overwatered. I'm aware that I'm a total newbie in the growing world but what I would really like is some honest advice on what I can do to save my clones! I am growing Misty Mango, an indicia dominant hybrid and a purplechem, a sativa dominant hybrid.
    What could be wrong with my clones?


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  2. What are you growing in?

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  3. did u use any rooting solution?
  4. Both are growing in miracle-gro in a closet and no, I'm not using rooting solution.
  5. Go post in the growing section.  :hello:
  6. Get a moisture meter in the garden section of your local store, helps me from over watering.
  7. Wrong forum, damnit.
    Get rid of the Miracle Grow, like now. Go and get some Fox Farm Ocean Forest or if you prefer to still go to home depot for your soil, at least get Kellogs soil since it has been compared directly with Fox Farm for a lower price tag.
    How big of a pot are they sitting in?  Are you watering the whole thing or just around the stem/root ball?
    They look to be in a little bit of shock, more then just over watering.  Were the leaves twisted when you bought these clones?
  9. I'm mainly watering around the stem/root ball. For some strange reason the purple chem seems to have grown about 2 centimeters, but what mainly worries me is my misty mango. The leaves weren't twisted when I bought them but the leaves on both were starting to curl by the end of my first day having them. Both are sitting in 3 gallon ceramic pots.
  10. Kind of sucks that they are already in 3 gallons if thats the biggest your space can hold.  Any way to transplant to 5 gallon pots?  You need to transplant out of the Miracle Gro and into better soil.  Your pH is probably off and causing deficiency in your plants.  Its very hard to maintain a pH level in the soil that your using.
    You could flush the soil but the problem is it probably wont help in the long run with Miracle Gro due to its extended release orbs in there.  Also, when you water, get all of the soil wet dont pick and choose where the roots might be.
  11. yes fox farm is the way to go. i would say get something to hold that wilting plant up. and make sure your not watering too often. take a bit of your soil that your using and feel it if you think its too damp dont water. plants can go longer than you think without water. dont water everyday unless they need it

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