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Need Help First Time Grower

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by stumpt, May 30, 2009.

  1. hey guys just need some help lol nooby lmao seeds = 5 seedsman whitewidow germinated x4 day 1 in rock wool. i have the 4 pot wilma hydroponic system and was wondering when i move them into the wilma will they have to be pre soaked or feed when put in ? ? need all the help i can get would be much appreciated
  2. When you have sprouts, fill the container up most of the way with whatever soilless medium you are using. Place in the rockwool cube and fill the container the rest of the way so that it holds the cube in place. Then water. With the water moving to the bottom of the container, it will help guide the roots to the medium. Although, I am sure it would work by soaking the rockwool if the roots haven't come out of the bottom of it yet.

    If you don't have sprouts yet, I wouldn't bother transplanting them yet because you don't know if they will all sprout.
  3. thanks for the reply when i have transplanted the rockwool cubes to the clay pellets shall i turn on the dripper feed system to give it some moister

    how often should i set the timer to come on at seed stage

    how long usualy is the vegitive period for white widow :smoke:

    any reply's would be fantastic just need to be reasured

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