Need help first time grower!!!!!

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by Ray-k-47, Feb 10, 2023.

  1. This is a pineapple express plant that just went into flower. It is a girl or is it a Hermie? Are those just swollen calyx ready to pop hairs and make a bud or is it the start of male pollen sacs? Some please answer IMG_20230209_191220194.jpg IMG_20230209_191414289.jpg

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  2. If you don't have any other plants going I'd say run it and see how it goes I've had some good hermie plants and a lot of the times they don't even pollinate my other plants, I've got one to seed out after I harvested and let the small popcorn grow, was happy because I was able to reproduce that pheno which happened to be really bushy, and had some nice dark purple to it. Since it's hermie tho I won't run it often but nice to have when I just need some weight to grow.

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