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  1. i was wondering if anyone could give some tips on how to go about slow drying my buds, the weather here right now has been in the 80's and its been pretty humid, over 60% i cant afford a dehumidifier or anything like that, im just wondering if maybe i should put them in the jars early so they dont dry as fast, i figured i should dry them on a mesh rack, since its more humid, but any tips to help slow down the drying with items i have on hand would be great, cant afford to go out and buy any machines, i have ordered some 62% boveda humidpaks for when the curing starts. and im doing my best to lower the temp in side my room, would a closet be okay in this conditions? ive managed to get the humidity to 60% and ive heard thats a GOOD place to be but i still am struggling with 82 degrees in my room. i pulled a single nug off to test and right now i just have it on the mesh sitting in a darker corner of my room, i have fans circulating the air, but not blowing directly on it. thanks in advance!
  2. what signs should i look for if its drying too fast, and when i should put in a jar and for how long should i burp it or when should i take them out to dry more etc etc etc, give me all the advices plsssss i want my first dry/cure to go well but this weather is not cooperating >_< *determined face*
  3. Hang dry in the dark with temps in the lower 70's if possible.. when the stems bends easy or snaps cut buds and move to jars... Order some broveda 62% humidity packs and to put in the jars. Don't over fill jars or pack to tight. There are many ways to dry/cure so just keep reading and don't use plastic bags I think they can cause mold or something. Brown paper bag for drying also works I've read. Good luck

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  4. Larger branches with thicker stems will dry slower. I will sometimes hang the whole plant when humid...generally after removing all the fan leaves and doing my best to keep things from touching. Have air movment but do not blow directly on plants. I shoot for a 5 day hang before jarring, but it does not alway work out that way.
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  5. From 3 days up to a week for the drying process...and the cure...the longer you cure them the better your buds will be.... Supposed to cure for a while..I believe the recommended time is at least a month!

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  6. Get some hygrometers
    Mine have been dryinf for a few days
    Literally just put them into my ice chest to start curing

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  7. heres what I have been doing:
    Cut the plants and spend about 4 hours (in my case) trimming everything.
    Take pics of the big colas, because you are gonna need to cut them up.
    Cut up the big colas
    I use a drying rack that I got off of amazon for like $5 (the jerkoff here was selling them for $30 a piece)
    I grow in my basement, in a closed off room. Humidity is decent...around 50%.
    I let mine sit on the rack for about 3 days. I wait until they are crisp to the touch and whatever stems are left can snap with just a bend.
    After that, into the mason jars. I also use the bovida humipacks. I pop in one of the packs and then seal up the jar.
    Burp the jars once a day for a few mins when I'm in my room.

    My most recent harvest, of course I was trying that shit as soon as it was dry! However, after smoking a little bit daily during the cure you can absolutely tell the difference being made daily! Its pretty incredible really, it will smell better get more potent and definitely smoke 100% better the longer it cures. No doubt about it. Mason jars and the humipacks are the easiest way to go, imo. You really don't even have to think about it with that pack in there as it keeps it at the perfect humidty.
    Good Luck!
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