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  1. Hi need help, not sure when to switch to a 12/12 light cycle, and begin flower. I stated the plant playing around, saw the growth and really got serious about growing. The plants it's self is growing well I think, but I did not write a date when I stated the plant. (Dumbass) I know. So I think she's 2months old give or take a week. Need advise ! Thanks.

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  2. i think you could flip the lights to 12/12 now 'jimarri'...looks good and healthy too of luck when you flower ,,,mac.
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  3. At least 4 weeks from sprout so she should be good and ready.
  4. Its really up to how much room you have and big you want the plant to be at end of flowering, i have turned plants after a year or more (mother) i like to wait at least 4 weeks after agressive vegs begins, i would top once more and wait until the new tops are developing then switch her..
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  5. I usually wait already 5-6 weeks from sprout before I flop to 12/12. But I agree with nobighurry ..if you plan to use grow techniques then you may want to keep it in veg longer to allow your plant time to recover. If you are just letting it grow naturally then I'll flip it now.
  7. Thanks Mac, appreciate the quick response too. Do I have to make any adjustments to climate?
  8. i'd try and keep temps around 76f-78f and keep the humidity down to 40%-50% when you put in to flowering(12/12) and you should be fine ,,,mac.
  9. Nice anything you do to adjust the plant to the change in lighting time?
  10. So I could keep her in veg as long as I want ? Does letting it veg longer produce better yields?
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    Yea all natural , I've just been using r/o water . Just ordered the General Organics line up in the mail , waiting for that now. So I should send her into flower since I'm not using nutrients?
  12. Well in veg stage your plants look for more nitrogen. And in flower stage they look for phosphorus. So nutrients CAN be beneficial. Some start to feed it half grow and half flower food for the preflower stage. All up to you.
  13. Or you could make a super soil and let the soil do the work for you ;)
  14. You can leave them as they are now but when buds begin to form bring them closer.
  15. when you want to flower just flip the light/lights to 12/12 ,longer in veg will get you bigger yields ,,but you might need extra lighting if your LEDs are not strong enough to penetrate the plants to get light down to the lower buds .mac
  16. Indeed it was not uncommon to veg next years outside plants all winter by the time they go outside 6-8ft is the norm, they veg and flower all summer then by October they were trees! You measure success by pounds per plant... but be warned the bigger the plant you grow inside the more light you need during flower
  17. Most super soil are good with just water for about 6 weeks before you have to start giving nutrients or compost tea.

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