need help, first grow having problems

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  1. having problems on the leaves. dried white spots and holes. please advise on what to do.

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  2. It resembles heat or light burn. Pics showing the whole plant, the lowest leaves, the tops and the locations of the damaged leaves, are often necessary for a solid diagnosis.
  3. the location is on both top and lower leaves. here is a pic of the grow area

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  4. Since the plants are growing mostly sideways, by lower do you mean closest to the ground or closest to the roots? Is there any part of the plant this isn't happening to?
  5. Lovely plants btw.
  6. lower to the ground. its kind of random like some kind of bug might be doing the damage.
  7. thanks, they were coming along nicely until i saw these leaves. there were about 40 leaves affected in these 3 plants.
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    While not a bug expert, I wouldn't guess it's from an insect because some of the light tan, dry, crispy spots don't have gouges or holes where leaf has been eaten. Many have cracks but even a few unbroken patches of the damage can mean it wasn't from a bug. Keeping an eye out for any is of course a great idea.

    Attached is a pic of leaf damage caused by dry heat.

    Phosphorus deficiency can causes patches of necrosis but they usually aren't so light tan and won't really affect the plant tops. P def complicated by some mild light or heat burn might cause similar damage.

    Sometimes drops of water sitting on the leaves in bright light can focus the light like a lens, burning little spots on the leaves that look like what you're seeing.

    I'm sorry I don't have a more definitive answer. If the damage is equally bad on leaves near the roots as leaves near the tops, you can be fairly certain the cause is environmental.

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  9. actually makes sense. thanks a lot. a few days ago there was some passing rain. it was just a few drops, enough to make you have to wash the car again. then the sun came right out for the rest of the day. it was like 90 degrees.

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