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    Ok so a few questions, 
    distilled water 
    GH nutes first half of grow
    now just straight PH water 
    1000w eqiuv of cfl 2700k
    So i posted one time before and my plants looked bad so i killed all accept the best one 
    im 4 weeks in from seeing sex and 6 weeks from 12/12
    im not sure the stain but i think its a sativa due to the shape of leaves and the fact it was looking close to finish and i got all the new growth out of nowhere. So the main cola looked typical from the pictures i see online and then bam i got this new growth and now it looks weird pics below
    also wondering when i should harvest i have a scope and they are cloudy some places but the main cola has hardly and Trics at all but the other ones are pretty frosty and stink like lemon pledge, so do i count weeks from 12/12 or weeks from sign of first flower ive read so many mixed posts thanks
    2 weeks ago
     now [​IMG]
    other site 
    all pictures where found online as a part of roll playing i am into in my free time and in now way to i condone the use of drugs or cultivation of drugs 

  2. Most growers experiment with aero, after doing the DWC thing, on the learning curve of Mj growing it would be at about 1600 hours(4pm)
    and hence it is not for the learner as Mj growing goes, ...knowledge of your particular strain is vital, for any successful grow, but more so as you 'play' with different grow methods
    I cannot advocate the removal of your plants because it looked bad, on many occasions plants look really bad, but it is only comestic, better to put it at the back and forget about it for 1-2 months.
    To plan: mark on your calender when you planted the seeds, that is day one, later mark on your calendar when you intend to harvest, about day 90, then count back to 30 or to day 60 that be the day you intend to go to bud(12x12).
    This really depends on the type of plant you grow, some plants or growers, prefer 2 months veg and 2 months bud, many others prefer to veg one month then bud 2 months, then theres my neighbor that likes 12ft trees, he vegs for 6 months then buds for 3 months...up to you...."V"

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