Need help first grow and I'm autoflowering

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Tokken, Jun 26, 2011.

  1. So I'm getting my card Tuesday and I will be ordering my grow materials soon after an I don't want to waste any money.

    Question? Am I getting the. Right stuff

    I went to attiude an got Jock Horror and Sour60 both are 60 day. Autoflowering.

    So I got 2 gallon buckets for pots

    Happy Frog natural organic potting soil

    1st question is 8 - 3gallon bags enough for 12 2 gallon buckets?

    I also got peat pellets and a hydrofarm hot house to veg them in is this okay.

    Also I was told that a seeds sex is detrimined during
    Germination is this true? Also I was then told that a. pH 6.5 in water and soil was good to get females

    For nutrients I'm getting

    Advance Nutrients Bloom, Grow, Micro, Kushie Kush,SensiZym, Bud Candy, Bud Factor X, Bud Ignitor, Big Bud, and Overdrive.

    Will these nuts be good for my plants?

    (btw Sour 60 is a kush hence the Kushie Kush)

    The other nutreints I got is ( JH Biotech 227 Promot MZM Biological plant growth) this is for roots right? I was told mix this with water and set pH to 6.5 and water peats and seedlings.

    Last question do I give my plants nuts during veg in the hot house?

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