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Discussion in 'General' started by 88BlueGT, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. Need help finding something to assist me with passing a drug test :/ Believe me, I know that there are PLENTY of bogus products out there that claim to work and most don't but I'm looking for that one special product that does! :) Unfortunately I just lost my job, I'm going on an interview with someone that I KNOW is going to require a drug screen, it would be ashame to pass up a good job because of a dirty sample. Anyway, is there anything out there that you guys KNOW works? I'm stopping smoking TODAY :/ im hopes to start the cleansing process. Any help guys?

    BTW, I'm a seasoned toker so whatever it is, better be strong! lol Thanks!

  2. I've been looking at different products but they all look the same and say the same stuff... pass your test guaranteed, bla bla bla. Need help weeding out the bad pun intended ;) lol

    Also, back like 5yrs ago I passed a test w/ these pills. there were 2 pills, the first capsul you broke apart and put it into the bottom of the cup, than you pee into the cup, than the second capsul goes in.... shake and your good to go. Anybody ever heard of this? I know for a fact that it works but i havent seen anything like this on the market for a while... :/
  3. I don't recommend looking at over the counter crap like that.

    Drink lots of water, exercise. You'll be fine
  4. STAT! Flush worked for me. You take five pills an hour before your DT with lots of water, piss twice in that hour your third time being the test. Cost me ~$20.
  5. Drink tons of water and just sweat it off. Works like a charm
  6. the only problem is, I'm not sure I have enough time to sweat it off and drink lots of water. I could be taking this test in a week or two :/

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