Need help finding the bong I want

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  1. So, from the shop, I was looking at this bong
    Now, my girlfriend and I both smoke, its long distance, and I was thinking of buying her her own bong for her birthday. Im not looking for something too expensive, but really want the bong to be purple. I've been looking around, and can't seem to find anything.. 
    Perferably, i would want it to have an ice catcher, a round bottom.
    I need the bong to have a choke, or a slide. Any suggestions?

  2. I'm starting to believe that you get some sort of commission on all acrylic bong sales. 
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  3. I payed it 35$ for it, is it worth it?

    Joints > blunts
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    Which one ? Do you have a picture of it ?
  5. Ha I posted in the wrong thread

    Joints > blunts
  6. that thing is awesome!! I want one!!
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  7. ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1415858053.834282.jpg

    Purple lip.

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  8. I have not

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