need help finding shrooms

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by weedIneed, Sep 25, 2009.

  1. the title says it but ive already asked my 3 bud dealers and sum friends and they all have no idea on how to find any shrooms to buy .. need tips gc
  2. asking for hookups? Read the rules please. :wave:
  3. i wasent asking for hookups i was jw if people that take shrooms have a certain look so i can ask them
  4. thats pretty vague. you can always cultivate them too.;)
  5. ohh gotcha, well i guess just look for someone selling psychedelics in general. Most people who sell acid, mollie, ect. will sell mushies themselves, or know someone that does at least. Also go to some raves or concerts and you'll be sure to find atleast one person, probably multiple!
  6. ya i usually always buy a 8th of shrooms at any concert i goto but my town is so dry of pshedelics all the time :( haha but we got alota green
  7. its still festie season, def find some at one of those. Also look for some kind of cheap reggae/ska show. If youve never tried it, acid is cheaper, stronger, less sketchy(for me at least) and a fuckton cheaper.
  8. there are a lot of threads on this, one with the perfect link. this site tells you everything, from where to find them, when to go pick them, what they look like, and all kinds of other necessary details..

    unfortunately, i got a new laptop and the link was saved on my old one. ill try to find it if i can
  9. or just check out, any thing you could want to know about them, and it has a pretty active forum.
  10. ^ yup thats it.

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