Need help finding info websites.

Discussion in 'General' started by duck hut, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. I've been looking for information websites that I could read over to learn stuff. Does anyone know of a website with a wide verities of articles on educational things.

    I'm sorry I don't really know how to describe what I'm looking for, more or less a stockpile or papers that could be read to further my education like a HS or College class would.

    I'm not looking for a degree or anything I just like to know things and am trying to find something productive to do with my free time.
  2. ...wikipedia?
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    It can be altered and not everything there is reliable granted it is better than what it was. But that gives a broad overview of subjects I'm looking for in depth coverage of topics, or something that could almost be like a class room set up in an article form.

    Remember the social studies books from HS, I want something like that but for a wide verity of topics for free online. I've google'd, but all the websites I keep getting are online colleges and want to charge me of money to get educated.

    Maybe I'll just hit the library?

    Good god, thank you.

  4. Yeh sirsog's right, ANYTHING MAN she's got some amazing helpful links
  5. But she only has things about weed?

  6. The whole "it can be altered" argument.

    Go on any wikipedia page, and alter it, come back 45 seconds later, and see how it changed back.... They have people who keep it clean, and will look into anything seemingly credible placed on a page lol. Wiki isnt really unreliable, well I guess some pages are, but so are some books you could find in the libratry, its just not the only place people should look for information. And in school they tell you not too use it "because its unreliable and you can make changes" because they are actually teaching you how to research, not use wiki to write a paper. Unfortunately the reality of it is, you hardly need to research things now a days, that 10-20 years ago would require hours of library work to figure out. I honestly think teachers and parents are slightly jealous in 10 mins i could construct (through plagiarism, not saying it would be a GOOD way to do it, but it could easily be done) a thorough book of information on a topic just by using the internet lol....
  7. Yea, i didnt really thoroughly read the post, i though they were saying stuff they could show TOO a college class or whatever about cannabis, not just extra learning FOR a college class hahahaha

  8. Oh isn't he trying to find info about weed :confused: ?? i thought that's what he was looking for :confused_2:
  9. I don't hate wiki, its we were conditioned in HS never to use it.
  10. Oh, you kids and your drugs :laughing:

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