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Discussion in 'Lighting' started by samson32, Oct 10, 2010.

  1. Hey guys, need some help.. Currently I have over 400 watts in cfls in my grow room for my first grow. I have just decided since I am getting my first order of seeds in that I am going to switch to an hps system for flowering and keep the cfls for veg. I've searched for the last two days online and am finding only incomplete systems or really cheap knockoffs.

    My question is where can I get a 400 watt hps grow system. Something that includes the bulb, ballast, cords, reflector, etc. If not that something that contains everything except for the bulb. Money is an issue as I was looking to spend under 350 for this. Any help would be appreciated.
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  3. HTGSupply-dot-com has what you need.
  4. Thanks Toasty.. Keep up the great work
  5. i got mine of craigslist 400watt with everything for $110 but this is rather risky because you dont know who you are dealing with..chances are its just some stoner upgrading to a 600 watt or some stoner who needs cash for more medicine....either way you cannot go wrong with the HTG supply magnetic setup which is what i run with no problems..its under $180 for a 400-600watt hps full system with light and everything...however the reflector is cheap as shit so you might want to upgrade that part:smoke::smoke::smoke:
  6. Thanks guys.. Appreciate the info.. I'm going to go with htg supply for it.. Just decided yesterday..

  7. cant go wrong with that choice....price is always on point and the staff is usually high and friendly with honest answers from my experiences

    My 400watt is from HTG and yesterday i picked up a veg tent from them with mylar lining...let us know which setup you decide:smoke:

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