need help finding good posters for room

Discussion in 'General' started by woke 'n toke, Sep 24, 2007.

  1. So yah, i've got space for 2-3 posters and I wanted to get some help picking out something really good.

    As far as what the posters should be of, exclude (except if it's just so good) music groups, cars, sports, chicks, and college/ drinking posters. The reason being: those are easy to find, and there are so many good ones I could find that I would already have a hard time making up my mind. For example, i've got a trippy ying yang poster with great colors and sense of movement. It's kinda getting rough around the edges so that's what gave me the idea to find a replacement along with a couple more. So stuff like that...

    Also it need's to be okay around my parents since my first year of college i'm living at home :( It's okay tho cuz my room is about to be awesome.

  2. Go into a Quizno's and ask if they have any old promotional posters you could buy. Most of them are privately owned, so theydont really have a problem parting with them.

    I used to work at a Quiznos and I got a ton of posters that way.

    Mmmm, Pastrami sammich.
  3. lol, that might give me the munchies too much tho, but a very intriguing idea! I may in fact check it out for the hell of it.
  4. I have a giant soviet flag, a tienanmen square poster, a 300 poster, an american flag, and a marine corps flag on my wall.
  5. Haha, I've got a soviet flag too.
    And a bunch of trippy ass posters.

    By the way, I've gotten posters from allposters.
    They're good =]
  6. [​IMG]

    In my honest opinion, no wall is complete without a Girls of Vivid poster. :D
  7. I hung posters of my favorite band and who I look up to. Nirvana, I like kurt because of his talent. Maybe you should hang some posters of something that inspires you. You'll wake up feeling good everyday.
  8. i got a big 2pac poster with a long quote on it i really like them some thing with like a mouse/wizard and hes about to grab a blunt off a mousetrap i really like it
  9. Norml Poster ftw.

    I have a NORML poster, a Blue October poster, and a Confederate flag.
  10. Spencer gifts in the mall normally has some really trippy posters. Black light ones, and normal ones too. They're pretty badass.
  11. That Wishes poster is fucking hilarious.
  12. Haha I also used to work at Quiznos... did they ever make you go out to the sidewalk and hold up a sign? That shit sucks... someone threw a CD at me one time.
  13. it wasnt quiznos but during tax time there is this place in town liberty taxes or something and someone stands in a statue of liberty costume and last year moron in a car threw a brick at the person in the costume lol and that was the end of that so be lucky you only got hit w/ a cd
  14. if you want to wake up inspired get the poster of johnny dep and diego counting those massive stacks of money from the movie blow. they have two sizes.... just make sure to GET THE BIG ONE!

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