Need help finding bong!!!

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  1. So I look at bongs all the time online. Usually GC and grasscity. Anyways i'm looking to get a new bong and there's one i remember seeing but i can't find this shit anywhere!!!

    The only way to explain it is to say that its a beaker bottom no percs about 18" tall. The downstem is literally blown into the bong so there is no part sticking out to put a downstem in, its all flush to the bong. You can literally just put the bowl piece into the beaker. The downstem has a disk perk at the end, it just looks like a downstem but with a disk on the end.

    If you can hellp me out and send me the link that would be AWEESOME thank you! :smoke::smoke::smoke:
  2. Is it a beaker bottom? straight tube? Its a bong with a fixed-downstem, ive seen a few zobs with em, maybe its that brand? Zob Glass.

    Good luck bro, hope you find what you looking for :smoke:
  3. Yes its beaker bottom with an ice pinch i believe. Glass on glass. The style of the downstem still allows a glass on glass bowl piece.

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