need help finding a place to hide my plants from wandering eyes in my home

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Ilovenature, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. hey well a couple questions the first how early can you tell the difference between females and males and what i should do if i get males and also in my house i have to hide these sweet hearts but my dad is very noisy and annoying so my room even under my bed or in my closet is out of the question because he goes in there to get my basketball uniform out sometimes if im running lates or if im not home and hes doing laundry so no to that! my basement is the place i was looking for but he goes down there and so does my mom but its not finished very very big basement and theres crap all over the walls and lots of places to hide shit but like how would i make something to store a light and plants with out it being found?? im obviously growing indoors. :confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::mad:
  2. dont bother. it will smell it will get big. you will get caught
  3. Don't grow in your parents' house.
  4. It is disrespectful to put your folks at risk by growing in their home. Wait until you are on your own and have your own place, or find a covert spot out in the woods and do an outdoor grow. No matter what you're probably gonna get found out and you will jeopardize your parents. I think I can speak for most of us here at GC when I say this........It's a poor idea.
  5. the best answer i can give you is ..

    ask your parents if you can make a personal vegetable garden in the backyard to grow some tomatoes etc , put the cannabis seeds in the tomatoe packet and get them to help you plant them as in that way , in there eyes no one is guilty

    never know , they mite actually see the beauty in marijuana and except it in the garden

  6. don't grow in your parents house if they are not cool wit hit. plus the way ur describing it, you will get caught. the smell will get you caught if they dont find it first. just grow outside man, its easier, lest costly, and your plants can get huge!
  7. yup!exactly what they said!
  8. your name is I Love Nature, so go outside and grow in it!!!
  9. Come on man, people live alone and still worry about where to grow and you wanna do it with nosey parents around? are you even being serious??? You gotta see a plant first in real life and then i think you'd know the answer to that question easily. They get big, stinky, and take work, need lights, maintenance etc... i respect your desire to grow but be realistic.
  10. duuuuuude! just buy some and save yourself a world of hurt. Just by the question that you have put before us i know you are just too immature to even attempt a grow. wait until you grow up and move out. P.s. stay in school.
  11. Your chances for successful hiding are less than zero.

    Do NOT grow in your parents house!

    I assume you are 15 or 16 years of age...if your rents find that stuff they will ground your ass for longer than they ever have before!

  12. exactly. IF your lucky your parents will find it.

    if your not as lucky the cops will find it and you and/or your parents will be sitting in jail awaiting felony charge(s)

    think twice man, give it a few years. If you cant wait ( i couldnt) go find a place outside, OFF OF PARENTS PROPERTY. You should be old enough to drive or wait it out bud you can do many many hours research before starting a grow-op.

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