need help finding a daily driver/ auto cross car.

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  1. i want to get a better to upgrade and do a little auto cross with but i can really decide which one to get. from the prices ive seen on craigslist here lately theres 4 cars i like i can afford.
    1. 3rd gen supra. if i get lucky i can find one in my range with a worn out 1jz.
    2. 2nd generation mr2 with high milage and a 3sgte.
    3 a nb miata.
    4 a fiero. i really like the miata because its got alot of potential but i dont know i dont see a lot of guys driving miatas and i dont wanna put out the wrong signals...
    the fiero is nice but i never really cared for american cars. i think most of them are heavy and the engineering is just outdated engine whise. but anything mid engine gets my attention.
    the 2nd gen mr2 is nice looking, i like the way they handle and the 3sgte is a hell of an engine but the mr2 is the most expensive car out of everything ive looked at and it will cost the most to upgrade.
    the supra would just be bad ass once i had the cash for a 2jz head. ( 1jz bottom 2jz top) but i dont know about its handling.

    so help me decide please.
  2. MR2 would be nice but high mileage is not. Supra is just too old. Miata sounds just about right. Lightweight with 50/50 weight distribution. Just lacking power unless you want to dump a LS1 inside of it one day. Would mess up the perfect 50/50 weight distribution though...
  3. Get a an old dodge or old skyline and do it slowly they clean up nice
  4. Go with an na miata with a 1.8 and get a stroker kit and go to a 2.0 displacement and advance the timing a little bit. Get autokonexion hard top and I think the ”gay” factor drops down a little bit.
  5. I think you're gonna have to spend a good amount of money to have a good autocross car. I would picks something old, but not too old, with a good weight ratio

    For example:

    '99-01 STI, Lancer, Miata, Civic Si, Acura, etc.

    I would highly suggest a ~2001 Acura RSX-S. I think it's a great looking car and it's pretty quick stock. With a few uprgrades (Coilovers, Intake, etc.) it could be a great Autocross car.

  6. miata. its your best bet out of those. although the MR2 is so much better but high mileage sucks. the supra is too big for autocross. they're not known for their handling... eww at the fiero...

    but yeah just go with a miata, its the most autocrossed car in the world for a reason.

    ntm a fast back hardtop will make it look sexy as fuck.
  7. aww look a lil baby rx7 hahaha

    at least in looks anyways
  8. FWD is pointless for auto x. Rx7s lack power but ls swaps cost money. Maybe a 240sx with sr20?
  9. [quote name='"sonnie408"']FWD is pointless for auto x. Rx7s lack power but ls swaps cost money. Maybe a 240sx with sr20?[/quote]

    That's retarded. I'm sure this is not going to be a strict track car. It like saying you can't play golf with a set of Walmart clubs.. They arent near as nice as a set of callaways or Pings but it would make a very good double duty car. You could get a lower mileage lighter car that gets good gas mileage and still play with it every once in awhile in autox. If he was racing a series competitively I would agree. But this sounds like he needs something cheap(ER) (no offense OP) and reliable. If he doesn't have the money to completely rebuild a high mileage engine I would really look into a more reliable car that will be cheaper to make some handling upgrades
  10. Why are you bringing golf into this no one even plays that on here
  11. I do and the main point still stands.. He can participate in autox with a fwd and still do well while having a good reliable car
  12. Rx7 lacking power? Maybe the FC but not the FD. If it weren't for the complexity of the rotary motor I would definitely try and get an 88 turbo two rx7 and build that out. Look up cars with a 50/50 weight. miata and rx7 both have this.
  13. [quote name='"midnittoke"']I do and the main point still stands.. He can participate in autox with a fwd and still do well while having a good reliable car[/quote]

    Yeah..civic eg hatch type r
  14. id never seen one of those fastback hard tops but damn it makes the miata look good. id definitely drive one of those it makes me kinda want a miata. E30s might be worth looking into they re pretty cool cars.

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