Need help finding 90* ashcatcher

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  1. I just got a new Pure tube with the inline perc so it's stemless and has a 90* angle on the joint where the bowl goes. I wanna get an ashcatcher for it but there doesn't seem to be much selection when it comes to the 90s. Anyone know any good ones that aren't too expensive?
  2. whats your price range? I have a few things in mind that would work, but it really depends on what you are looking to drop
  3. Hmm.. Probably like 100 but I might be able to do a little more for something very cool
  4. if you can save $50 more than you could get a sick toro a/c. I would recommend you do this because honestly they are amazing and have zero drag. I got an 8 arm teal label and it milks soooo fast and clears in under half a second (no joke, I will throw up a milk vid later of mine). Also I just shot you a pm
  5. Like he said the Toro is a better buy imo.. However, I do have a question... would a VIP a/c be a good idea for him as well?
  6. ^ Im not really sure how I feel about VIP honestly. Some it it looks pretty good, but their percs look like shit by comparison to sg, toro, lw, etc. But I have never hit a VIP so i don't speak from experience when it comes to that brand. I mean but it all really depends on your price range and preference. Personally, I wont buy anything but high end glass now (the difference between reputable high end glass blowers and mediocre glass blowers is astounding). But again this is just based on my personal opinion. My vote is a toro a/c
  7. I only tried my VIP bong once, and loved it, but it was a 4 arm perc i nit, and then a (dragon) figure i side, that was for aesthetics, 1 ice chamber also, thats it.. and it was soemwhat expensive, still my first bong, so idc really.. BTW, I know waht Toro is, but wth is sg, lw, and a bunch of those other abreviations ai always see. (youp can pm me).. I knwo what they are, jsut I cnat find the brand, sites, or dont knw what they stand for).. thanks.
  8. you might wanna check out soulshine family glass or glassmansdoll on etsy
  9. i got myself a hedman headies a/c for my 90 degree stemless. still waiting on it though...damnit.
  10. Here it is btw:


    What style do you guys think would look best on it? Just like a downstem in a bottle type or maybe a bottle with a tree perc, or how about the inline ones? Or is that too much inline for one piece? Haha
  11. a Name Brand a/c would look nice on it

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