Need help finding 8-9 Week Good Yeilding, Potent Strain

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Joe Budden, Aug 29, 2007.

  1. Hey guys, ok I'm looking for some advice, can someone please advise me on which strain I should go for?

    I'm looking for a good yeilding, potent strain that will be finished in 8-9 weeks, any advice?
  2. Finished in 8-9 weeks of flowering or 8-9 weeks from the start?

    For the former try Northern Lights. The latter doesn't exist (except for a SOG grow from clones).
  3. Hey thanks for the reply, yea I'm talking about 8-9 weeks flower, I'm growing barneys farm NL and it has been flowering for 10 weeks so far and it looks like it could do another 2-3 weeks! And it has barely any trics
  4. My first Grow was some nirvana MASTER KUSH Got 3oz in soil using mother earth super tea grow and bloom and superthrive thats it. It had loads of chrystals all over. also if you start training your plants by tieing the tops and bending them over so that all the nodes start streaching up towards the lights then you end up with 10+ head buds amazing eh?

  5. The latter does exist check out lowrider 2 it finishes 9weeks from germination:cool:

  6. Thanks for the advice Coagsy I'll look Master Kush up, a few years back I grew a strain called Euforia by Dutch Passion I got amazing results and it flowered in 8 weeks, the smell of the bud was amazing. Anyone ever smoke/grow Euforia?


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