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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by FreeThePlant420, Sep 10, 2007.

  1. im not really sure if my plants a hermy or not it has this seed shaped pods with tricromes comeing out of the tips... all help appreciated thxs guys/girls

  2. what strain is that? and it looks a bit stretched if its stretched due to bad lighting conditions your plant might just be a hermie.

    The pics though I dont know, ive seen certain buds bud up like that, just cut one off at the base, take it away from the plant and squeez it, u'll know if its a bud or a developing seed.
  3. the buds in the top picture look like female to me. why do you think it is hermaphordite?

    Female flowers (when fertilized) make seeds. Haven't you gone over the birds and the bees talk yet?
  4. im not sure what strain it is i think its just from bag weed the plant was givein to me by a friend so i have no clue and it has bin outside so it probly is strecthed like a MF!! lol
    but i think its a hermie becuase i took off one of the pods and broke it and theres a root in there..... boo im not sure tho the pods and leaves around them are starting to cover in resin.
    and yes i no that i just havent seen a plant in this stage of flowering so i dont no what to look for.
    thxs for the help ill break a pod open later and take a pic and see what u guys have to say.
  5. hey free. have u come across any male flowers yet. how long has she been flowering for? calyxs swell with thc during the last stages of flowering, due to no seed production. the root is prolly connected to the pistils, which catch the pollen and fertilize the plant inside the calyx. the pistils will retract/die when this happens. so look for male flowers and cross ur fingers and toes. :D thats my 2cents. good luck man. peace, e :smoking:
  6. alright its a female it was just pollanated by a male...
    but the question is will it still bud or just produce seeds?
  7. ???

    The female will bud. Either the buds will have seeds in them or they won't. But seeds and buds are not two different directions the plant can go it.

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