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  1. ok, so this is my first time growing weed, and everything was going great... when the plants were small enough to keep in my window. i live on a college campus, so, when they got too big, i transplanted them into a laundry basket with a rock-lined bottom and about 5 in of dirt. i hung a growing light about 4 ft above and they are snug as a bug in my closet. i noticed today that white spots on the leaves have gotten worse, and they are now on the brand new leaves that are sprouting at the top. the very bottom leaves are turning yellow. i am watering them with just water. i was watering them with miracle grow everyday for awhile, until i noticed white spots on the bottom leaves, and thats when i went to straight water, in hopes to flush the soil out. what the hell am i doing wrong?? does the light need to be closer?? am i using the wrong stuff to water it?? help... please! i really dont want to loose my plants.... i hope its not too late to do anything about it. Help me out here!
  2. Hiya,

    Sounds like this may be a nutrient diffeciency, what are the N-P-K numbers on the nutes you are using?
    For vegatative you should be using 10-15-10
    and for flowering step it up too a 10-30-10
    or dilute 10-52-10
    But those white spots sound like the nutes are a bit too strong.

    The light being that far away wont harm the plant, though it will make it stretch for the light, what kind of light is it? how many watts? lumens?

    I can better help you if you gave a bit more details

    Budguy :eek:
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  3. As silly as it may sound make a jug of strong cold tea, make it nice and strong maybe 5 tea bags to the pint then feed it that. Now inside the closet what i would do is paint it white and keep the temp nice. What type of seed is it ?


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