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  1. Hi all I'll make this quick my 4 Northern Lights are 4 week 2 day into flower I flushed them about 2 weeks ago they are turning pale green and the bottom fan leaves are falling off and dieing and spreading so on.
    Im back to feeding them the recommended dosage of Nutes with Hesi Coco AB think its 8-6-14 What should I do???? A quick reply would be appreciated. Thanks

    Pics will be coming shortly


    Hesi AB Coco
    Hesi PowerZyme
    Hesi SuperVit
    Hesi PK 13/14
  2. Try posting this with a pic in the sick plants forum. Going off the info you provided it sounds like the foliage at the bottom is dieing because it's not getting enough light(normal in flowering).
  3. I had to get one out to get a good pic as because of the sodium light but they are all similar to this plant.

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  4. I'd chill out, dude. The high phosphorus/low nitrogen mix for flowering plants can cause fan leaves to turn pale and die. This can be normal, if it's from nitrogen deprevation. As long as your buds are healthy and you use a something like a 10-40-10 (which is what I use for my flowering) you ought to be alright. You probably only have one or two more fert cycles till you harvest anyway, by the look of 'em.
  5. Hey cheers for the input

    when you say 1 or 2 more fert cycles could you explain a little bit more they are only 30 days into flower Northern lights i read up should take between 8-9 weeks to fully flower they are drinking about 4-6 litres per week and says to feed every watering any extra advice would be sot on. Cheers :D
  6. this is normal. ad the plant nears harvest fan leaves will begin to yellow and die off, this baby looks almost there :) great grow man. +rep

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