Need help fast!!! My plant is dying!!!

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by jensen989, May 12, 2010.

  1. I am using a 2'x 2' box. i stappled aluminum foil to the box all on the inside. i have a small fan on top, and i dont know what kind of lighting i should use. i started with a flourecent 150 watt light, then bought a 250 watt heat lamp ( that mad my sprout start to shrivel up,) so now im just using a 40 watt flourecent soft white household light. i know i should probably get a HPS or something, but they are expensive, i need a cheap alternative that i can buy at walmart or a general goods store. any other advice is welcome.
  2. Heat lamps kill plants, if you are on a budget use compact florescent lights and look for 65k on the box (it's the spectrum of light that's best for vegetative growth). Getting 6 to 8 of these in a 2' X 2' box is probably your best bet right now.

    Oh, and get rid of the tin foil as it causes hot spots and get yourself some mylar from walmart in the form of an emergency blanket in sporting goods (about $3 each). :D

    Oh, and welcome to the forums!

  3. CFL´s Bulbs cheap and viable

    Minimum 50w cfl
    Recomended 100w cfl for one plant
    Best 150 - 200 w cfl for one or more plants

    i have got this one
    View attachment 393480

    85W cfl = 425w incadesc.

    good luck ;) for your grow
  4. Wal-mart sales CFL's broski.

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