Need help fast about pvc light trap

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  1. okay so i got 2 inch pvc pipe elbows i need to connect to a 2 inch hole. so obvisously it doesnt just snap in cause the pvc is problly 2.25 inch and the actually hole is 2 inchs now what ways could i seal it or connected in i tried caulking the pvc right to the wood and just made a huge mess. need any tips or help thanks
  2. Use Gorilla Glue. Its strong as shit and expands to 3-4 times its original size. Let it cure for at least 3 days before you put stress on the joints. I just did it on my GB. Good luck.
  3. okay im going to try gorilla glue, some pvc glue and silicone and hopefully get some male adapters...... with all that i should be covered . thanks any more tip welcome
  4. It would have been slightly easier to just shave the holes down a bit and then sand them off to get a really tight fit, and then use some silicon caulk to catch any tiny cracks that can ruin your airflow.

    But gorilla glue should work just fine. Or use these male adapters.


    Make sure you grab some of the rubber fittings that go with them to get a better seal, and after you screw it all in onto the pvc through the hole you can then caulk the cracks if there are any.

    Any more questions feel free to ask anytime ;)
  5. a quick one before i go to HD. do you put the screw end down into the box of the flat end?

    cuz my pvc doesnt have threads for it to be screwed into.. if that matters
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    Sorry for the late reply I was getting some lunch :)

    I put the screw end out the bottom. The flat end fits into the PVC fittings you use. they are 1.5" It's really preference, if you want to have PVC inside the box put the screw on the outside, if you want the PVC outside the box put the screw inside.

    The male adapter isn't to screw into the PVC the flat part pushes into the PVC tightly, and the other parts will help latch the PVC into the box so that way you can detach them if you want, I am sure you don't want them to permanently be stuck on, You may want to be taking them out every grow to clean them. ( so, the cap is threaded, the adapter is threaded, unscrew the cap, put the threaded part through the hole, and then screw the cap back on for a snug fit.)

    The only thing about the male adapters is when you are buying a few they become pricey.

    Hopefully you figure it all out. I use the male adapters all the time, they fit nice and snug.
  7. Yet another approach: get a length of 2" pvc pipe, cut a short segment that goes through the hole in your box, seal around it, then put the first elbow on it.
  8. having no luck find the right male trap adaters.. at least none for a 2 inch . would lowes be better to try then homedepot?
  9. Usually, varies store to store
  10. Lowes and home depot have them, just ask for the 1.5" male adaptors they will show you.
  11. i found a male adapter that fits snug into my 2inch elbow. think its 1.5 pvc but it fits super snug so that out of the way but my next issue is i can find 4 inch pvc grate that fits to a 2 inch pvc elbow... ive tried 2 lowes, 4 homedepot with no luck at all i may have to order them but if anyone knows any other ways to hook up a fan to pvc let me know any info also i may buy it from the web if anyone has any links \
  12. Yeah they are suppose to fit super snug.

    Why are you hooking up a fan to the PVC again?
  13. exhaust but i got it all figured out now its just time for me to choose a led system from htgsupply....
  14. OKay...I am dumb as can someone please post pics of what this finished product looks like so I can hook my box up? I just posted the same question...more or less.

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