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Need help eyeing out a gram.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Troy's Last, Nov 24, 2008.

  1. So tomorrow I'm going to be 'bringing' my friend a gram and I need help making sure I don't jip myself or him. I don't have a scale and I won't be able to get one anytime soon so I need to eye it out.

    What I need is a few more pictures of either compact or loose weed that weighs as close to 1 gram as possible.

    So far this is the only good picture I can find: http://i195.photobucket.com/albums/z53/WhatTheFuck_33/Melspics.jpg
  2. first off... thats not a gram, those bags weigh .2x x=0-9
    so thats like a .7y

    and also you cant eye out shit... if anyone thinks they can eye out theyre not going to be accurate to the tenths place. trust me some bud looks like its a 1.3 in a sack thats only actually a .8. but some bud looks like a .6 but is actually a 1.0.

    dont eye out get a scale.
  3. Best thing to do is be straight with him and say you have to eye it out.

    Knowing what a g is on sight will only develop through time and experience. If I had any nugs that were light enough for a g I'd take a picture for you. I'm sick right now so I really don't plan on shreading a nug anytime soon, but I hope you get it figured out.

    You really can't jip yourself on a gram, it's just a gram. Are you taking this g out of a cut?

    PS: Aforementioned, different bud has different densities, so even if it looks a g, it may not be.
  4. its real hard to eye out
    me and my friends like to guess how heavy a nug is then weigh it and see who was closest
    ya, so pretty much
    if u smoke a lot of bud you can somewhat eye it out
    but if u dont
    then guess or something
    sorry, but its hard to help you out
  5. How much bud did you have to start with. Then divide that into what seems like = portions. btw tell him that you eyed it out and make sure he is ok with it. Then jsut toke and forget about it.
  6. Ya, that's what I was trying to suggest when I asked if he was taking it out of a cut, split it into thirds and just take a pinch out.
  7. i mean t might even help if you take pictures of what you have

    no one is gonna be able to tell your exactly one gram but im sure people can come damn close.
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    Lol that is my picture, its from a little less than a year ago, and that gram was $5.
    But i really think it isnt that dificult to eye out a gram, they like to add the weight of the bag too, so they can just have it weigh 1g in the bag, instead of weighing it out beforehand, but i really wouldnt worry about it too much(getting ripped off, its just a gram), maybe post a pic up here once you get it and someone can eye it out for you.
  9. why not just have him pay you for a smoke? then you guys smoke, he gets high, you get money.

    it could lead to some stoney eyeballing, for better or for worse.
  10. bud can be very deseaving cause some strains are more dense then others.well there is one way that is semi accurate is to just break up the bud before you giv ei to him then you can kinda tell how much it there.also if you have a bowl and know abotu how many bowl packs you can get out of a dime then you can use your bowl to measure it out.thats wut i woudl do if i didnt have a scale...but i do:)
  11. Yeah dimebags, the plastic bag itself weighs .2 grams and sandwich sized ziploc bags weigh 2 grams.
  12. why does everyone on here worry about 0.1 of a gram missing, i mean i can understand wanting your money's worth but ive always felt that unless it was very blatently obvious that the gram i paid for wasnt a gram and i was fuckin positive i was bein played, then i couldnt give a fuck about the little difference, i mean would that 0.2 of a gram that was missing really get me that much higher?

    well thats just my .02:smoking:

    as an on topic post, if you wanna be exact with the weighing, you cant beat a scale, literally you will not be able to perfectly weigh out a gram without a scale, but you could come close, tell your buddy you dont have a scale, and that if he wants he can go pickup a cheap scale and youll spot him the missing bud if its really bad, so unless you have or can buy a scale, id just give him whatever looked like a solid gram
  13. A dollar bill is about a gram, altho it's hard to tell by hand for that small a weight even if you have them side by side.

    I dont know what to tell you. I dont have a scale myself because of the price, but really, it's the only way to know, and everyone should have one.
  14. yeah .2 if its a gram in a dimebag, but like i said a ziploc bag is 2 grams...
  15. When i eye i always err on the side of caution.

    Ill put more than i know is a gram in.

  16. he could have zero out with the same bag but empty so yea that pic can be 1g of just the bud, you cant tell... but to the OP tell him you're gonna eye it out and if hes a good friend just do it infront of him and try to see if it looks fair to him.. i would do somethin like that(but i got a scale anyways)
  17. listen most people dont care if they are off a coupel points.infact most peopel just take wut they get and just smoke it.and if its good quality gonj im sure there wont be any complaining:)

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