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  1. I am curious to know where most other growers vent their grow rooms to. I am growing in a room in the front of my house that I rent so making a hole through a wall is a big enough deal already for the landlord. I have settled on not venting to the attic because of how old the house is and the condition the attic is currently in, and then with the after repairs that would need to be made it's not possible.

    My current ideas are through the wall to the side of the house, or through the floor into the crawlspace beneath the house. Which sounds like a better idea or easier to do? I already bought a damper for the side but was running into a lot of live wires along the wall where I need to cut the hole in the side of the house which is why I came to the idea of through the floor.

    is it possible to vent into the central AC via the room vent?
  2. If you vent into the house attic or crawlspace you could cause moisture and mould problems

  3. My attic and crawlspace have ventilation i think it would be ok.
  4. your attic should have a vent at the top,which leads outside..that would be better with smell and moisture build up.I am also going the same route.
  5. It's much easier to patch a hole in drywall then house siding. Just cut a circle and vent up through the attic and attach it to the roof vent. That way it goes 100% outside. Under the house could work but, how much vent pipe do you want snaking around the room.

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