Need help drooping leaves after res change

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by rydek10, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. I had flushed my plant for 24hrs cause of a little nute burn and then I added 3/4 strength nutes and adjusted ph 3 hours later my leaves are drooping...ive searched on the internet and couldnt find an answer hopefully someone can is at 5.9 running fox farm tiger bloom atm...lmk what yall think..she was doing awesome then the res change messed her up..

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  2. Well I figured it was nute lock out so I went ahead and just flushed it again ima let it go for about 2 days hopefully shell perk up..
  3. they dont look too bad, tell us if flushing worked
  4. Well im glad I did that flush cause it looks like shes okay now...

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  5. re calibrate ph meter cut rez by 10% water and recheck ph you will be good
  6. Thanks I will do that when its time to add the nutes after flush or?
  7. glad things worked out! interesting how things can change so fast.
  8. Yeah im not sure what.ima do adleast I have 2 days to figure out lol
  9. Well I checked the ph when I got home from work and it was wayy off cause she started drooping again so I fixed the ph and added some light nutes ff big bloom 1/2 strength and im going to get my tds meter tomorrow..hopefully ill figure things out by then

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